Drive your business
with AWS Cloud

Peerbits empowers businesses with its technology and digital expertise to drive innovation by accelerating your initiatives on AWS. We help clients in any stage of development from strategy and planning to implementation and execution.

On AWS, we provide our clients with better performance and agility that they need. We have enabled many such powerful projects across industries like banking, finance, transportation, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Leverage Our Expertise
In AWS Practises

Our cloud solutions are driven by a talented team of AWS-certified developers who possess the expertise to help businesses propel with reduced costs, time, efforts, and most importantly risk.


Remodeling your business with cloud solution

Our AWS-certified team holds the strategic expertise in providing you with the best practices and software solutions for processing your mobile and web applications. They possess skills in.

  • EC2
  • ECS
  • AWS Lambda
  • Cloud formation
  • AWS Auto Scaling
  • ELB

Scalable servers for data processing

Our cloud services help you in focus on your business competences. You might also need the servers to be scalable with the increase in your business performance. We provide an AWS-certified team with proficiency in

  • RDS
  • EBS
  • S3
  • DynamoDB
  • Elastic Cache

End-to-end deployment with complete security

A very integral part of a software development project is the deployment and security. To make sure that the project is safely and securely deployed end to end to the server, and there is user data protection, we have a team who is skilled in:

  • IAM
  • VPC
  • Code Pipeline
  • API Gateway
  • Route 53
  • Blue-Green Deployment
  • Secret Manager

Software monitoring and logging for tracking processes

The software requires monitoring and logging to examine access to all activities performed. All the information that is processed and transmitted is tracked and stored for getting insights on usage, and occupancy. We have skilled consultants for that with certifications in:

  • CloudWatch
  • APM
  • Datadog
  • NewRelic

Other AWS based services that we excel in

Apart from some of the major best AWS Practises, our team holds an expertise in consulting you with the following,

  • SQS
  • SNS
  • AWS IoT

Digital initiatives & innovative
solutions engineered by Peerbits

Accelerating digital initiatives to propel businesses forward by delivering excellence through innovation.


Ride-hailing Solution

We have created the perfect, white-label solution for the taxi ride-hailing industry by transforming and automating taxi businesses. Our ride-hailing software solution is scalable, secure, and extremely reliable.


Digital Payment Solution

We are transforming fintech enterprises and startups by helping build a digital ecosystem with our fintech payment solution. Our solutions provide secure, contactless features and an enhanced customer experience.

Why choose Peerbits?
Perks of working with us

We have over 600+ successful projects delivered to clients who can testify for our top-notch software development services. Some of the reasons why we have earned this reputation and a good clientele are:

Architecture & Design

Our world-class architecture and design are highly personalized to the requirements of the clients. We ensure that the clients get a very effective and distinguished solution.

World-class Engineering

Our team of AWS-certified engineers will bring your vision to life with perfection. All your requirements will be fulfilled with a complete, dynamic solution.

Security & Privacy

We are compliant with all standard practices and ensure that our solution comes with the utmost security measures and configurations integrated into it for user data privacy and protection.

Most Scalable Solution

We understand that the clients’ business might increase and because of that, we provide software solutions that are scalable with the changes and expansion in the business as per requirements.

Analytical Data Insights

We provide smart solutions that come with advanced data insights for identifying pain points and driving smart business decisions. This makes it easier for the client to achieve their business goals.

Powerful Customer Experience

From start to finish, our software development solutions provide an easy, hassle-free experience to our customers. We ensure that all requirements are met to bring their vision into reality.