Which application took the crown of being the ‘No.1 iPhone application of 2014′ as per Apple’s choice?

It is Elevate.


Every year, Apple chooses most loved iPhone application delegated as the Best iPhone App. This year’s win goes to Elevate, an application intended to prepare and build your memory, concentration, perusing understanding, and an assembly of different abilities that needs improvement. The app sets out to fulfill this objective with 25 flawlessly planned small games intended to prepare your cognitive aptitudes with a tad bit more fun. With a lot of brain storming applications out there, this is seemingly, where Elevate emerges the most.


Every game offers a cleaned outline and a lot of attentiveness, however above all, Elevate strikes a decent harmony between training brain skills and having fun, an essential prerequisite to return for additional brain storming the following day. It motivates you to finish no less than three difficulties a day. When you start the application for the very first time, you are invited with a little test that works as an estimation so that Elevate has a fair thought of your intellectual power. When you are prepared, you can make the plunge directly into your everyday challenges, which will serve you games focused around three territories for you to enhance, as an example, concentration, memory, and quickness.

If you are a sort of individual who needs a push to recall yourself for the mental exercises in your daily routine, you can set up Elevate to remind you with everyday reminders. When you complete every single test, you can see an overhauled breakdown of your advancement for that specific ability, and a taste of the changes needed. The more you prepare, the further you progress. In the event that you complete your everyday challenge before time, you can simply jump straightaway into any of the Elevate games.

You will not get an access to all Elevate games instantly until you move to the Elevate Pro version priced at $4.99 monthly or $44.99 yearly. Nevertheless, you can definitely replay the unlocked stages achieved by passing through the challenges. This implies the more you make a progress in Elevate challenges, you will have an access to more games. That could be tad irritating, but it lures you to bounce back for more.


Elevate in simple terms is flawless, and it comes with no surprise that Apple picks it as the best app of 2014. There are loads of games out there meant to churn your mental strength, yet Elevate is most likely the most expert and clean looking of them all because of its excellent design. Elevate games does not appear childish, yet despite everything they keep up a decent feeling of fun while making your mind sharp and productive through a chain of puzzles. If you are somebody who experiences difficulties recollecting names or simply want your intelligence to be on the move, you will hardly find any other option.

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