Is there any front-runner in the mobile personal productivity apps arena? The answer is ‘NO’. App stores are full of time management , task organizing, and calendar based tools, but still not a single one of these have dominated the apps market. Social apps & games have dominated the apps market from its inception. As far as the utility market goes, it still lacks a winner. Apps such as Evernote, Gmail, Dropbox, etc. have been highly popular in this space, but still utility space has still not reached its maximum potential. The major reason being utility tools already come in a preloaded form on the mobile phones. Neither of these default utility tools offer value in terms of functionality but still they are more popular than the utility apps because they are free, no permissions needed, and even no installation needed. As an example, Smartphones have a default Calendar utility tool that changes automatically. This kills the need to install a Calendar app from the App Store.

However, the scenario is changing day by day. Today majority companies, just like Peerbits, are striving to build personal productivity apps with an inbuilt predictive smart technology to create highly interactive user experience. This is because the personal productivity apps space has a very huge potential with an increasing percentage of time spent by the users this year as compared to last year. However, to overcome such a huge market is not a child’s play at all. Your utility app should excel in many departments such as viral marketing, platform independence, exceptional value, and jaw-dropping functionalities, in order to beat a vast number of competitors. Our years of experience in Peerbits working with different clients and projects have helped us to draw an outline regarding 10 tips for building successful utility applications. Here they are common for long-term, mid-term, or short-term goals:

You must build an app that creates a magical impact on the users compelling them to leave their easily accessible default app. It needs to be enthrall users mind and have an embedding effect.

User’s productivity and time issues solved in a comprehensive way. A few extra features will not help. End to end solutions, should be provided by your utility app.

There has to be a perfect balance between vision for a long term and immediately responsive solution much better than the default built in utilities.

The backend engine should be impressive enough to deliver at a quicker pace & spread benefits through viral marketing for word of mouth downloads.

Responsive enough to be able to access it on possible every screen size. Users should be able to access the app smoothly on desktops, laptops, and tablets in addition to the smartphones.

It should conquer all the weaknesses present in the past utility apps to work seamlessly without any loophole. Information sharing should be intuitive and interactive across all OS platforms.

It should address the productivity issues that users have faced in the past. This will lead to a true artificial intelligence wherein user requirements, are satisfied in an unspoken and intentional way.

It should encompass an extensive range of sensory data so that the app can have an overall glimpse of how users can spend their quality time to gain a better productivity. For this purpose, the app should synthesize and consume critical data through external/internal sensors as well as third party APIs.

Media content delivered efficiently by your app acting as an open platform.

It should have a strong backing financially for securing innovative resources in order to scale rapidly and at the same time ensuring that the growth trajectory is not disturbed, with the help of sensible spending.