iOS 8 is slated to be the eighth big release from Apple. It will launch as a successor to the current iOS 7. The announcement came out at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that took place on June 2-6 this year in San Francisco. There have been few new additions to iOS 8 such as a Health app, HealthKit framework, hands free activation through Siri, identifying music through Shazam. In addition, video as well as voice messages deleted automatically unless saved. Let us have a look at what iOS 8 have in store for the users:

Wi-Fi Calling

With iOS 8, users will be able to make phone calls through Wi-Fi with a newest functionality Wi-Fi calling. Initially it will only be available to US based T-Mobile customers. Vodafone is planning for the same service provided to the Aussie people.

Seamless Sharing

Users can now share websites as well as emails on WiFi seamlessly. They can even answer calls and do texting from iPhone with the help of iPad or Mac.


Spotlight feature now integrated with other services such as Google, Bing, or Wikipedia. The list of services also includes iTunes Store content, movie show time, favorite websites, nearby places, and news.

iCloud Drive

This is a brand new file hosting service for iCloud meant for iOS 8. The feature helps users to for saving apps related data; music; documents such as numbers, pages, and keynote; videos; and images on the iCloud. In addition, users can continue their work on the second device, which they started on the first one. 5 GB free storage (that is expandable) provided through subscription.


This is a brand new service introduced in iOS 8 that will let developers to create software that can be integrated into the Health application. This application helps users to check health related data, sleeping levels, oxygen level, step walking, and more. Even they can store their medical history in order to retrieve it anytime in the future. If you have ever seen the iPhone 5s commercial, this service promoted through the “Chicken Fat” song.


iOS 8 lets a user to go for 3rd party keyboards installation. The reason is many developers need to go for keyboard porting to iOS. Examples of such different types of keyboards include – Adaptxt, Fleksy, SwiftKey, Swype, Minuum.


The design of iOS 7 and iOS 8 resemble with each other largely. However, iOS 8 added few more functionalities such as rapid animation, and transparency. Even users can now be able to see a list of favorite as well as recent contacts.

Notification Center

When compared to iOS 7.1 or iOS 7, iOS 8 has a more enhanced Notification Center. Moreover using the “Edit” option, widgets removed or added in the Notification Center. In addition, they can be re-arranged when required. Even the “clear” button is better in terms of visibility, used for cleaning notifications present in the Notification Center.

Message Sending

Now sending of video and audio messages becomes much easier for users as record button needs to be hold. In case of group conversations, users have the ability to turn “Do Not Disturb” for not receiving notifications, all attachments viewing, sharing of thread location, thread naming, removing or adding someone from or to the thread.

Multiple Users

Six different users, consisting of mainly family members, added. Same credit card used between family members to purchase books, music, or applications. Even photo streams setup can be automatic between them. Even synchronization of calendar takes place between them.


The application for photos present by default within the iOS 8 will now have more options for modifying images. Now you can turn your pictures anti-clockwise or clockwise using the new crop feature. In addition, you can adjust the color as well as related brightness of the images. The camera also contains a new feature in the form of shot timer that can be either 10 seconds or 3 seconds. What is more? You can even capture the time-lapse with the help of Camera app.

When is the wait for iOS 8 finally going to end?

Apple plans to roll out iOS 8 to its team of developers, initially. If you want to have an early access to the latest Apple OS, just register yourself as an Apple developer through an annual subscription of $99. This is the only way where users can have an early bird access to the latest build. Whereas, you can expect standard iOS 8 version see a parallel release with iPhone 6 expected in the second half of 2014.