Finally you bought your iPhone 6 by cutting down on your wallet size. iPhone 6 is accompanied by iOS 8.1 and loads of hidden features that most users might not be still aware of. How would you react if I tell you that now you can set specific time of location sharing with your friends? Or else you can actually select a few contacts and respective text notifications kept muted. Are you interested in knowing more? Let us have a look.


Location sharing with near ones

Share location with your friends while you are in the process of messaging them. To do this,

Click ‘Details’ present at top corner on right hand side

Select ‘Send my location’ to send your geographical coordinates immediately to your friends

You can even share your latest location when you change places. To do this,

Click ‘Details’ present at top corner on right hand side

Select for how long your location shared – 1 hour, end of day, or indefinitely

Optimize rapid charging

Use an iPad charger for faster charging of iPhone 6 without delivering any harm to the battery. Both iPhone 6 models (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) are capable of charging sooner when provided a 2.1A supply. They both come by default with a 1A supply. Hence, now you can charge your iPhone 6 in just 2 hours.

Use application & texting in parallel

With iOS 8.1, interactivity is the new slogan in case of notifications. Do not leave the application in order to reply to a message. Just pull down the notification right from the top and reply the message in the text box provided.

Analyze the battery usage

Just monitor the places where the battery drained too much. You will have an access to a complete list of apps that are consuming maximum power even while not in use. To fix this, go to General => Usage => Battery Usage to find out the culprits.

Hide images on your phone

Save yourself from the embarrassment of showing your personal images to the friends accidentally. The newest hide feature lets you select which photos to hide in the ‘hidden folder’. Just tap on a photo and keep it pressed until you get an option to hide. Click on ‘hide’ to have your photos move to the hidden folder away from Albums, Moment & Years, or Collections.

Do not disturb

Text message alerts muted using the ‘Do not disturb’ functionality present right in the details menu accompanied with every message. This way you can save your battery when you know that a specific person will be messaging too much. Therefore, notification will not come every time the message arrives.

Credit card scanner

Now you can scan your credit card with the help of inbuilt camera instead of typing the details of your credit card every time you shop. Look just above the keyboard and you can see the option. Select that and take your camera in front of the credit card to capture the information that is required.

Restore lost photos

Restore accidentally lost photos from album named ‘recently deleted’. Deleted photos are stored in this folder for about a month and then deleted forever.

Grayscale mode in play

If interested in black and white appearance of your display, Grayscale mode turned on. Since no colors, lot of battery saving could be done. For doing this, go to Settings => General => Accessibility => Grayscale.

Send images that self-destruct

Send self-destructive images to your friends through iMessage that will destruct automatically themselves after a certain period, same as Snapchat. While sending an iMessage, get hold of camera icon to initiate camera app that will show up pictures. Select ones you want to send that will self-destruct 2 minutes right after delivery.

App suggestions as per location

While passing through a specific business place, get notified. When you pull out the notification, you realize that you can download the app related to that business from the App Store. It is on by default. However, you can turn it off by going to Settings => iTunes & App Store. Turn off App Store, My apps, or both.

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