With Android L, fifth smartphone OS from Google already anticipated, a new OS platform has entered the limelight. The new OS, termed as Android M, will be the sixth OS entrant. The leak took place through a comment under a thread started by Android Open Source Project. Therefore, we can see Google already ready with its future endeavors. Coming back to Android L, as per Android authority you can expect Android L release on either October 15 or 16. It launches with two nexus devices Nexus 6 & 9. However, the actual download made available from November 1. Until then we can check out the possible features that you can expect with the Android L platform. A brief overview of features tells us about latest multi-tasking, screen lock, improved notifications, and material design capabilities. However, let us look at the three things that you might not know related to the OS.

Android Runtime (ART)

All Android platforms have been using Dalvik runtime for quite a while now. Nevertheless, the new Android Runtime (ART) will be lot faster with a completely innovative design. Moreover, Dalvik does the compilation of native code from Java while the app is running resulting in skips or shutters in between. However, in case of ART, the code compiled when the application installed. This leads to faster processing of apps. ART is also beneficial when it comes to development because the code needs not to be changed. It can compile any given code processed by Dalvik. Even battery life enhances a lot when using ART, because compilation done at installation and not when application is running. The only requirement with ART is more storage, which is not a big deal especially when high storage smartphones are available around.

Google Fit

Another major feature that has not grabbed a lot of attention is Google Fit application. Just like HealthKit in Apple iOS, this will be a health features based application making a debut with Google’s newest Android OS. Google Kit will be a health app that will identify sleep metrics, no. of steps walked, and lots more. It will act as a health center for all the health-based metrics collected from all sorts of devices such as smart watch, and so on. We have yet to see a dedicated app for Google Kit, but open source details are available for developers so that number of apps devised from that. Such an open source move always expected from Google.

Not just a phone OS anymore

Android L not just meant for smartphones any longer. It is an OS used for several other gadgets or activities. It will act as a power switch for wearable, living room electricity, car lock system, and much more. Android Auto is the latest operating system from Google used inside a car. It will be displayed when transmission done to the dashboard. The interface has a great resemblance with Google Now carrying features such as voice control, music functionalities, and navigation. Android TV is a bit diverse because of TVs and boxes that come inbuilt, but ultimately controlled by smartphones. Users will be able to watch shows, play games, and do lot more stuff with Android TV. Nowadays, smartphones connected with most wearable. Henceforth, Android L will provide a source to switch on these devices. Notifications on these devices will feature on smartphones.

Summing up…

Google’s Android L is all set to make the biggest debut in the history of Android OS. Few things like notifications, design, and multi-tasking features, give it a unique image that makes the OS great in itself. Clearly, it has all the capabilities to compete with the likes of its only competitor and recently released Apple’s iOS 8.