The release of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s+ heralded the dawn of a significant new feature: the 3D touch.

You can perform many nifty tricks with 3D touch. But, the goal of the 3D Touch remains the same: to make apps more easily navigable and intimate.

But, if you’re like the 80% of the people in world, you probably don’t own an iPhone 6s or 6s+ and you’ve yet to experience this revolutionary new tech firsthand. Don’t you just wish there was a way you could use 3D touch on your old iPhone?

Good news! Now, you can. Sort of!

You can now, at least, experience the Peek and Pop functions that stem from 3d Touch.


Enter PeekPop, a new swift framework developed by iOS developer Roy Marmelstein.

In essence, 3D touch works by sensing the pressure you put on the screen. Peek and Pop, is just one feature that employs the 3D touch tech.

When you press softly on an icon/view (like hovering your cursor on an icon), a pop-up preview window of the content inside opens up. This is called (appropriately!) Peek. If you want to enter the content and read it in its entirety, you’ll need to increase your finger pressure, slightly i.e. pressing the view again. This way you’ll Pop into the content and view it.

3d Touch Feature in iPhone

Popular apps like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. all updated their apps to take advantage of Peek and Pop within a week of its release.

How Peek Pop Works

With this new framework, that monitors the changes in UITouch’s majorRadius values, apps can integrate a Peek and Pop-like functionality into their code.

It works by observing the changes in pressure on the surface area. For example, when you press harder (longer) on the screen, more of your thumb/finger will come into contact with the screen.

The framework can be run on iOS 8 and subsequent versions, giving the users a chance to experience the Peek and Pop function, irrespective of their device – as long as it’s working on iOS 8 and later.

Give Your Users an Enhanced Experience

You can pleasantly surprise your users by integrating the Peek Pop swift framework into your next app. Of course, this is a very new, untested feature – which is why Peerbits will be experimenting with it soon and would be sharing its results with you all. So, stay tuned for our next update!