Alan asks Sally “What business are you planning to start?”

Sally replied “I want to create mobile apps.”

Then Alan asked, “That’s good! However do not create apps that are bound to be unsuccessful.”

Sally got confused. She questioned “What? Are there really such apps?”


Alan solved her confusion by saying, “Yes certainly! Let me just guide you.?”

The above conversation might give you jitters in your stomach just like Sally. However, it is true. Most apps fail due to lack of certain basic factors that draws a thin line between the two. It is not easy to be a part of those 10-12 highly popular apps, which users use on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. Today we are going to guide you in the same direction as done by Alan to Sally. If you want your app not to disappoint the users then avoid them from being in any of the below given categories.

Apps not dealing with the customer ‘problems’

Customers are willing to pay for apps, because they address their given problems. If they weren’t satisfied they would not even bother to look at the app again. Most apps built out of frustration that founders faced while looking for similar apps.

As an example, Instacart was a result of frustration built within the founder, at the time when he was looking for a related app and he did not found one. As a result, he started with Instacart smartphone app wherein he himself was the first customer to use. Gradually the success came in his way when his social circle started to use the app on a regular basis.

Until and unless your app do not answer to the intrinsic queries of the customers as well as solve them with ease, they will not seem to show any interest, and your app will be lost amidst a plethora of other apps.

Apps created without any ‘team’ support

There might be biased opinions on this particular perspective. However, let us face it. A single founder pulling up an app altogether by himself is not what happens in reality. It takes a tremendous amount of hard work, efforts, resources, and more importantly time even to build the simplest apps. The ultimate power lies in the teamwork that is the only mantra to success.

Everything lies in the design. It is extremely difficult for a single founder to build an entire app alone. The knowledge of specific things, resides within different people, and that what makes a team count. When skills of individual team members complement each other, the end-result is a well-built productive and highly useful app. It is also about the evolution of different ideas taking place in individual minds.

With a team in place, not only brainstorming becomes easier but also strategies defined with ease. It is simply not a feasible idea to involve family, friends, or relatives in this process, as they have nothing to gain or lose. Sole founders are the primary cause of failure. When multiple founders are in place, they are bound to observe rules and regulations with a fear of one letting down others. This kind of mental behavior surely boosts company’s growth, productivity, and sales.

Apps that are just an ‘enhanced’ version of already existing ones

Did you ever thought of adding up features in already popular applications and launching it again with different branding? If you ever thought so, you had just made the biggest mistake of your life. However if it was just a thought, then let us save you by saying that adding a few more functionalities in bestselling apps and then introducing it with your own brand name will not work at all.

The reason being, people are so used to working with the basic features, that they are just not interested even if more features come into play. Since they are used to seeing the app as it is, new features will not amaze them that much. As a user, why would I really bother to change my app just for a few functionalities more? I would rather provide my feedback to the developers to bring same features in existing app.

Google was not just an enhanced version of already existing 13 search engines. It redefined the way search engines work and search results displayed based on keywords. As a result, Google was able to beat the competition comprehensively.

Apps that do not propose any ‘value’

Many apps simply do not turn out to be as expected in the beginning. They might seem promising at the start, and anticipated to provide a great value. However, towards the end, it turns out to be same old-fashioned app that offers nothing new.

Does your app conveys the functionalities within a few screens? Is it simple to understand for even your own grandpa or grandma? Can you generate enough curiosity and excitement by connecting with your audience on an emotional level?

If you want answers to all these questions, create a compelling story with your app that your users simply cannot neglect or refuse. Just avoid your app from being in these discussed categories and you can actually create wonders with your app.