Convenience has driven people to use more and more numbers of mobile applications to get thing done easily. The in fact, convenience is the key reason behind the success of on-demand mobile apps. The on-demand mobile apps are providing a comprehensive platform to users for offering the services within the reach of their arms.

While on demand apps are getting popular and reaching its peak, food delivery, and restaurant apps are becoming a huge success. Perhaps, it, for this reason, many startups is preferring to come up with restaurant service business that lets users savor their favorite mean at their convenience, effortlessly.

There are plenty of mobile apps that works to offer and deliver food to the users at their doorstep. It is with a successful implementation of restaurant mobility solution that makes accepting and delivering orders pretty easy. Just a few simple taps on the smartphone and users can avail a range of meals to order from a mobile app.

Here are the 5 amazing food ordering apps that work to deliver food to users.


Yelp was one of the pioneering food discovery apps on the iPhone, and because of its constant updates and necessary UI changes have kept it afloat from rest of the competition. The Yelp application is designed to aid users in accessing all the functional elements that are present on its website. It includes writing and submitting food reviews, adding other foodies to your Yelp social list, searching restaurants, access to the menus, address and phone numbers.

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There are a few exclusive features that come integrated with Yelp app. Some of which includes a FourSquare-like check-in that allows users to share their restaurant location socially. Also, there is a monocle feature that uses compass and camera to show the location of restaurants with respect to user’s current location.

Epic Delivery

Epic Delivery is a dynamic app that works to deliver things instantly to the users. Although not limited to food delivery, this app works perfectly if users want to avail food from the restaurants that do not do a home delivery within user’s area.

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The symbiotic mechanism works great for riders who acts as a deliverer for delivering order to the users and earning money out of each delivery. In that case, user just needs to locate the address of their desired restaurant and assign a nearby deliverer to pick up their orders and deliver to the desired address.

To make this app work in the desired manner users are required to login and follow the order generation process as guided in the app. The delivery charges are to be paid but again there are options to pay online and earn cash in e-wallet for redeeming the same.


SimplyFood offers one of the best options to discover some amazing healthy places for ordering a meal. It enables users to browse through its updated menus, check out the restaurant and meal pictures, and also get to know about the other users’ reviews.

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It makes the entire food ordering task easy and affordable. One can simply decide upon the restaurant to order from or to use map for navigating the nearby restaurants. One of the unique features about Eat99 is that it provides health and nutritional information about every single dish.

To make the food search easy for users, there are multiple search options that allow them to search restaurants, cafes, pubs, bars, and bistros by location or cuisine. Users can also look up on the phone numbers and reviews to make the order decision. Eat99 works just perfect for dine-out, Delivery, and Pickup purposes holistically.


One of the most engaging mobile app dedicated to sharing recipes with friends, family, and everyone within the social circle. This app supports a symbiotic arrangement where users can help their fellow Frimb members to in sharing recipes for healthy cooking.

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Frimb has a special feature set to notify users as a reminder to cook the desired recipe. Once logged in with the social account, users can save the recipe making day and add it to their social calendar. Users can post recipes with images, steps to cook that particular dish, and a list of ingredients to required.

Five OH

Five OH comes with a unique concept to search food within your budget. Because, searching for your desired mean from a restaurant that fits your pocket, or says, the ones which can get delivered under $5 was never this easy.

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FiveOH is one such food discovery app that lets you define your budget for the meal and helps in finding the same. FiveOH also makes it easy to locate restaurants along with the relevant information like opening hours, food offered user reviews, address, and contact number. Food ordering gets easier for users as all they need to do is allow their location of delivery to be traced and FiveOH and the app will automatically search the nearby restaurants with one click.

With a platter full of food apps, foodies are bound to get served with their choice of meals, on their desired location, within their budget. Mobile app development has had some significant influence on the lifestyle of people and when it comes to food lovers, these users can avail some awesome benefits by using these food apps.