Do you want to have a key to be a successful sales person?

When having a conversation with clients it is important to emphasize more on problem solving rather than simply closing down the sales. It is not that easier enough to do so as you expect; however, it is not even difficult as well. You just need to play 5 key roles and sales will close automatically. These varied characters will not just avoid you to be a shit sales agent, but also will refine your sales pitch, by being less technical, and more involved with the clients. These so-called character roles are:

  1. Teacher
  2. Problem Solver
  3. Coach
  4. Thought Leader
  5. Partner


When you perform each part confidently, then you are bound to achieve those conversions from leads to sales. Let us see how to go about.

1. Preach like a teacher

Educate your clients on their current industry scenario and how to bring about business transformation from technological perspective.

Impart your market knowledge to them so that they feel empowered to think differently about their business.

Let the clients know how much information you have regarding them and the specific industry to which they belong.

2. React on the problem by solving it

Offer solutions to many business problems faced by the clients in their day-to-day life.

Act as a resource in front of your clients, who can solve the given professional challenges.

Win their trust by understanding their difficulties and come up with relevant solutions accordingly.

3. Train your clients as if you are a coach

Train clients in a way that they are able to identify business problems on their own.

Push them to an extent where they are able to not just fight with their issues but also solve them completely.

Identify their strengths and weaknesses to motivate them accordingly.

4. Pass on your insightful thoughts as a leader

Giving out perceptive information to your clients will not just make them knowledgeable but also will enable you to be a mentor in their eyes.

Convey your professional hold and authority on the industry to reinforce your expertise and positive perception within the clients.

Providing quality information with relevant facts as well as figures will enable you to be an expert ready to guide them all along the way.

5. Be a partner with relationship building

If you can successfully understand the client problems, discover relevant solutions, and communicate to them with ease, then clients will certainly see you as partners rather than a professional firm that they are about to hire.

Sales, is all about relationship management. Help your clients grow on a professional level by communicating with them on a personal level.

Close the deal not with the intent of cracking sales, but with a pure intent of getting all client problems solved, at any given cost or time constraints.

92% of clients have trust issues with a company involved in cold calling. 57% of the purchase decisions are made within the first interaction with clients. You might feel the importance or need to follow any one or few of the above-mentioned roles. However, in order to have a sure shot success you need to be all of the above.

Teach your clients, solve their problems, act as a mentor, guide them as a leader, and build long-term relationships as a partner. If you are able to capitalize all of this, then sales and marketing will not be a troublesome thing anymore. Do not expect sales to come across in the first shot. Just perform all the above roles blindly and you will surely see quality results very soon.