iPhone is truly ruling the iPhone apps development market since the time it was launched. However, you cannot deny the fact that Apple has still to overcome the likes of giant competitors such as Samsung, Nokia, Sony, LG, HTC, Sony, and many others, for gaining a market monopoly. For this, it is extremely important that Apple stay ahead of its competitors by almost a year or so. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with some very important features that Apple should enhance with iPhone 6 release expected this year. Capitalizing on these features will affect Apple’s momentum largely with iPhone 6 production expected to kick off this month.

Bigger screen

A larger screen expected with iPhone 6. If we go by the rumors, Apple with come up with two iPhone 6 variants this year – one with a 4.7 inch display & another iPhone’s first ‘phablet’ entry with a 5.5 inch display.

Better display

More improved display expected. LG G3 probably has the best display among all smartphones with a Quad HD 534-ppi resolution. If we look at the iPhone series, iPhone 5S has the best display so far with 326-ppi resolution. So, a resolution similar to that of LG G3, expected with iPhone 6.

Enhanced camera

iPhone 5S has without a doubt one of the best camera around. However when it comes to pixel size, it has just 8MP when compared to Nokia Lumia 1020 which has 41MP. The reason why pictures on iPhone look highly impressive is the large sized pixels present on iPhones. What it would really be if iPhone 6 has similar pixels as that of Lumia 1020 having an excellent camera? iPhone 6 should come up with an increased pixel resolution to compete with likes of high end camera phones.

Extended MicroSD memory slot

None of the iPhone models has an expandable memory slot like other smartphones. They thrive purely on the internal flash memory. It will be beneficial if iPhone 6 has an expandable memory to make iPhones more affordable. The reason is currently it costs around $140 to extend memory up to 32 GB & $280 for 64 GB. So let say if the expected cost of iPhone 6 is somewhere around $940 with 16 GB internal memory & if an expandable memory slot is provided for 128 GB then you can avail iPhone 6 with 144 GB memory for around $1080.

Improved front-facing speakers

With bigger screen, iPhone 6 will be ideal for watching videos. However, the speakers with current iPhone models are not ideal enough when watching videos without a headphone. So if iPhone 6 comes up with front-facing speakers then it can compete with the likes of HTC One M8, Sony Experia Z2, and similar other smartphones already equipped with front-facing speakers.

A core unique feature

A unique flagship feature expected to differentiate iPhone 6 with other iPhones as well as smartphones from different brands. No one is quite aware what surprise feature to expect. However, what users do expect is something that is unique enough to place Apple back on the top position as a leader and not a follower.

Will iPhone 6 help Apple to gain the top spot again?

Only time will tell whether iOS apps development arena will escalate iPhone towards the pinnacle of the mountain or not. For the time being we have just discussed things which if worked upon can put Apple as a front-runner in the race with its competitors. iPhone has certainly all the capabilities to be the king of smartphones. Only thing that the company should kept in mind is how to outsmart the competitors by introducing innovatively striking features.