Since the release of three different smart watches from Google powered by Android, dozens of apps have already been developed. However, out of those so many apps, how many are actually useful enough to download? Android Wear OS seen in Google smart watches have a great amount of potential from a developer’s perspective. Google smart watches quite recently made a debut in the UK market only for the time being. However, smart apps meant for smart watches have been in place. So let us have a look at the eight most useful apps suitable for the Android Wear platform.

Phone Finder

The service alarms user accompanied by a symbol and sound, when users leave their phone somewhere and just forget. It buzzes on your wrist when you move out of the range where you have left your phone. In addition, it triggers the alarm sound already setup in the phone so that phone rings loud enough.

Google Maps

Systematic directions provided by default Google Map while moving around a city or place. With headphones attached, voice prompts can also be activated. Google Maps on Android Wear works exceedingly well when it comes to getting walking directions and even it vibrates when the directions change while on the move.

Mini Launcher

It slides out right from the left corner situated at the top of the screen. It covers all of your Android Wear apps with a quick adjustment to settings and brightness. Mini Launcher is a customized watch launcher, wherein users have to dig down into the menu or they can even launch via voice. It is very well integrated such that quick left swipe shows all the apps present on the OS.


The service puts running related information on your wrist. Fitness trackers get happy of the fact that Runkeeper keeps track of counting through a built-in functionality and detailed info related to running. It delivers a glimpse of burning of calories, distance covered, pace of running, and much more.

Google Keep

Now you can store your shopping lists right on the wrist without any need of handling both basket trolley and your smartphone in a clumsy manner. This Google app is a big competition to Evernote, which helps users to manage their lists and notes on the go.


You can now unlock your door with just one tap. Wear-a-tron is essentially nothing but a button present in the smart watch connected with door lock present in a smartphone known as Lockitron. By pressing the button, the lockitron in smartphone triggers resulting in unlocking of the door. However, it will only be useful only if you have lockitron fixed at your home. Nevertheless, it is still a great service displaying the extent to which smart watches can interact and control things present in your house.


Numerous actions can be performed using this powerful application. Muting the ringer tone is just a sample. You can even perform an action already set with just one button. These actions cover events such as automatic image uploading to Dropbox, shooting an email to your supervisor or boss, sending a text message to a specific person or a group, and more. Clicking on the big button once triggers an action already configured. The events also include turning off the thermostat, electricity switching off at home, etc.


This app from Evernote specifically meant for smart watches lets users not just to store notes but also dictate new ones right on the wrist. Dictating notes has never been so enjoyable beforehand. Moreover, users can also pick the recent book references and notes stored in the watch. You need not to take smartphone out from your pocket for dictating new notes or retrieving the old ones.

New applications release in the Google Play Store every day. Even apps related to Android Wear are now showing up gradually. Do take notice of the apps you come across and judge by yourself which of those can actually help if developed for smart watches. It is just a matter of time, when you will be witnessing the same or similar kind of applications for smart watches when the smart phones scenario will change to a world of smart watches in future.