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9 unknown facts about “Android” that will amaze you

9 unknown facts about “Android” that will amaze you

  • Last Updated on May 09, 2022
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By now, it is a globally accepted fact that Android is certainly an extraordinary gift from Google to play around with. Not all of the features are easy to explore. Nevertheless, we are here to clear the smoke from some myths, related to the OS, going in the minds of Android users.

Malware threat disappears with Google Play Store

Data stealing apps can pose as a real threat to your smartphones. However, as per a survey conducted by the well-known security firm F-Secure, Google Play Store contains only 0.1% malware apps compared to any other Android application store.

Adding further, Google Play Store is putting consistent efforts for removing all the despicable apps containing malware, completely.

Desktop browser replicated on Chrome

Visit the menu in Chrome and tap on ‘Request Desktop Site’. This will display Chrome’s desktop version of that particular page.

GPS available while travelling by air

GPS receiver in Android does not shutdown when travelling via airplane, unlike iOS. The free Android app that makes this possible is “FlyoverGPS” that detects the flight’s speed, altitude, and position even in the airplane mode.

Photo Sphere panorama is possible

By using the camera app from Google, an interactive 3D panorama assembled to cover up and down views in addition to left and right.

Bloatware can be buried, if not killed

It is impossible to uninstall certain unwanted apps without actually rooting the device. However, you can surely release the space these apps have acquired, by permanently hiding them. For this, go to settings => apps => unwanted bloatware => uninstall updates => disable.

NFC helps your phone to communicate with other gadgets

‘NFC (near field communication)’ feature is meant to simply tap your phone for buying anything online. However, more often it has been useful in letting your phone communicate with other gadgets such as configuring automatic transfer of a wireless picture to the camera.

Loyalty cards can be stored in Google Wallet

Google Wallet used quite often to store the apps as well as the customer loyalty cards. The screen gets brighten automatically to exhibit the QR code, when specific products scanned.

Sides can be swipped, to trigger features

Swipes in the main screen used as shortcuts such as in the case of Nexus and a few other phones. Herein, you can invoke Google Now by swiping from the bottom, PlayStore by swiping from the left, WiFi & Bluetooth by swipping from the top, and other inbuilt features by swipping from the right.

Do not underestimate the power of Android

Android stands No. 1 mobile OS with the highest market share of 85% global smartphone sales & 66% global tablet sales. However, when it comes to surfing the web, it lacks behind iOS.

In the year 2020-2021, Android has over 2.8 billion active users and it has a global market share of 75%. And it holds around 85% market share in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Turkey.

A common reason to justify these figures is, low-end Android phones used for simple basic functions such as calling and messaging rather than getting an access to the apps or webs.


Both Android and iPhones have their advantages and disadvantages. But android overpowers its advantages. This article was all about the unknown facts and features of Android. For the past few years, Android has remarkably transformed.


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