For a layman, your application might have taken birth the day you launched it, but being an appreneur, you know the efforts involved in prelaunch, launch and post launch.

If you are a startup, with a brilliant app idea and you are on your way towards a marvelous application. How you’ll let your potential users know the caliber of your application? This is where the landing page comes.

A landing page is an app focused website, intended to be the introductory home for your users, featuring the development lifecycle of your application.

You might find people who debate on the importance of having a landing page for a mobile application, but believe me those saying it isn’t important, are not aware of the vital role it plays.

Most importantly, a landing page creates the much-required buzz for your application before it’s launched. Here I have listed a few reasons to prove its importance. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Conversion

As an entrepreneur, you need to learn the conversion rates of people visiting your application. As of now, neither the Google developer console nor the iTunes connect share these.

In order to improve your application, screenshots and messaging, you need to know the reason behind having just 20-30 downloads despite a hundred visits. Without knowing this, you’ll keep on hitting blindly in the bush. Consequently spending a good sum of money over the already good optimization of listing.

With the help of a landing page you can have real-time details about these statistics, and eventually you can make better decisions to turn those remaining potential buyers to buyers.

2. Engage them and have feedback. Conversion

With the help of a landing page, engaging users before the app launch gets easy. You can give them a sneak into your application interface and features time to time. You can share teasers, screenshots, and benefits with them, to understand if you are going in a right direction or not.

Also while doing these; you can build a user base on different social media platforms. Like this you can create the much required thrill for your application and simultaneously can have the feedback, which will help you improve your application.

3. Referral Information

Despite you have options like Mixpanel and Flurry, but still you can’t have the referral information. The two can only provide you the referral information if you specifically generate links which are to be used for marketing. Even after all this, you lose your organic referrals.

With the help of information related to the success and failure of your marketing steps, you can easily take necessary actions to promote your application. By having a landing page, you can avail the information through free tools like Google Analytics, in order to have referral information.

4. Live Support

Live support can help you a lot in turning your probable application buyers to app users. With the help of live support, you can help them get their doubts and queries cleared.

Few examples of such chat systems include Zendesk Live Chat, Snap Engage, Olark, LivePerson, BoldChat etc. You can also have an automated chat system with the help of Bot. The latter can avail you the human-like services without asking you to employ any executive.

5. Answering the questions before they are asked

Believe it or not, but adding ‘frequently asked questions’ is always helpful. In this question you can add the probable doubts you believe that your visitors might have and subsequently answer them. By adding FAQ’s on your landing page, you can not only resolve their queries but can also build the trust factor.

6. Share your story

This is the most interesting part. Involve your visitors by sharing your travel journey. Interact with them by letting them know the way you built the concept of the application, what made you come with the application, and the entire process you followed. But yes, keep in mind that you share it like another ‘thriller’; keep it funny, knowledgeable and importantly, like any conversation. Don’t sound robotic while sharing (neither too descriptive) give that friendly essence to the entire narration.

These were the top six reasons to share the importance of landing page for your mobile application. However, if you are now thinking about the ways in which you can have an appealing landing page, you are at the right place.

The landing page of your application is the first interaction of users with your app. This is a way in which you can create a better first impression in front of them, further making a long term bond.

Here are some of the ways that can help you build a better landing page:

  • Share your name and logo clearly with your visitors. With the very visit, they should know who you are. The name and logo must be placed at the right place, and with perfect color metrics.
  • Keep the title short enough to narrate what your application can give them. This is where you’ll need your creative skills to the best of the standard.
  • Call to Action needs to be clearly visible and accessible. If you have already launched your application, give your visitors chance to download the application, and if it is about to, avail them a subscription to stay updated. If you fail to make the CTA better, there isn’t any sense of having a nice page or application. If they are impressed, utilize the moment.
  • Share the details briefly. They might not be having the time and patience or rather the interest in learning the entire process and flow. Keep the app features and other details to the point, rather than showing your story writing skills.
  • Adding a video can be of huge help. With the help of video, you can give them a better tour of your application, features, and the major benefits availed by your application.

Having a landing page for your application is crucial, and you need to be sure that you put all your efforts to feature the best to your visitors.

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