The larger part which defines the success and failure of the mobile applications lies in the user experience. Nothing is more captivating for end-users than the mobile which enhances their experience. Have a look at these successful UX driven app which have created a kind of powerful addictive bond which keeps users coming back.

One of the most amazing app which I came across is Rise alarm app. Though, the innovation may seem like a question for basic alarm clock. But actually, the design has taken a whole new lever, where the main focus is on UX rather than just waking up the users.

Focus on UX2

Focus on UX1

The RISE comes with a single touch and swipe settings. Just a swipe right to switch on the alarm. And well, almost everything works with gestures rather than buttons. It clearly shows how UX can influence innovation in the application design. It also gives controls to the users for labeling alarms, changing alarm tones, and selecting the background.

Check the beauty of UX in the video itself.

How to Create Such Mesmerizing UX?

So, in order to give some mesmerizing UX, one needs to follow a few of the mobile app development protocols. But first and the foremost thing is the app’s usability which can enhance UX. One of the ways to test the app is through A/B testing. One such tool is Optimizely.

A/B testing allows you to test two or more variations of a particular app design or layout.

Apart from A/B testing what can yield a mesmerizing UX is by providing ease-of-navigation. So while users are busy navigating the app the same should not be troublesome.

They MUST find exactly what they are looking for in the app. In case of the applications related to m-commerce then the usability factor plays a big role. Because here, users are looking for the products/services and therefore the same should be easy to find in the app.

Analyzing Airbnb as One of the Pioneers of UX/UI-Driven Mobile Apps

There are few path breaking apps focusing precisely on app usability through UX. One of such beautifully made app is Airbnb. The Airbnb app takes advantage of its application design to interact with users rather just providing a service.

With Airbnb, it is easy to find places to host across the globe. The UX is smooth enough to let you scan and book the places in less than 5 taps. Take a look at this UI walkthrough.

AirBNB App Walkthrough

Users are given choices to select from different countries and cities on first screen itself.

Users can also view pictures and scan host details along with other accommodation details.

While from hosts’ end they have the list of guests who want to stay at their place. It gets easy for hosts to manage different hosts using this simple app.

Host Home

Airbnb provides easy hosting options to the hosts along with simulated layout to manage them.

Why and How Peerbits Work Extensively for Driving Mobile App Through Enhanced UX?

Getting inspired from the industry leaders we strive to constantly improve our UI/UX. And that is the reason why we, at Peerbits, have a strategic design and implementation model. With constant innovation, we always endeavor to gift this breed of tech geeks, some of the most memorable UX through our mobile apps.

The entire app development process focuses on app usability for the UX/UI Peerbits. Right from designing wireframes we can foresee what is coming. And that is the reason we focus most of our skills and energy in creating top-notch UI designs.

And later, the designers take the charge of crafting attractive, catchy, and user-friendly designs. With utmost care, the colors are chosen to be used in the apps. This said, the purpose of increasing user’s stickiness needs to be solved.