Apple hysteria has started many years ago and never actually stopped. Today, in 2015, we have an iEverything – phone, laptop, tablet, music player, bracelet and recently, a watch. You can see all sorts of people owning an Apple device, regardless of their social layer, educational level or financial situation.


Some persons have an extreme passion for this brand – they would rather buy an iPhone than save the money for groceries.

In conclusion, Apple has transcended all racial, social, educational, financial and age boundaries. It has become some sort of vital need for those who want to feel an important part of society.

The Apple watch

Before even getting into the subject, let’s ask an important question – How many of you are still wearing watches? Yes, they represent a fine accessory, but have become redundant once mobile phones have appeared on the market.

The first thing everybody sees when unlocking the cell phone is the clock. Even if you don’t want to, you still find out the exact hour and more – weather, temperature, pressure, location, etc.

So why did Apple insist to build the remote control of the luxurious car launched some time ago?

Here Are, In Brief, Some of the Smart Watch’s Features:

It displays time, date, temperature, an additional time zone hour, and upcoming events from personal agenda;

It has phone functions;

It monitors your physical activity;

Records voice messages;

Displays emails;

Tracks down personal workouts;

It contains maps;

And of course, it has Siri at one voice command distance.

In the end, it is like a small phone on your wrist. But is this an advantage, when people are looking for bigger and bigger screens? (see the phablet trend)

Let’s Talk Some Statistics

Apple had an ambitious goal when releasing the smart watch – they’ve predicted to sell over 24 million products by the end of business year 2016. But reality has different plans.

Consulting Google trends, you can find the most searched Apple product. The results for the 2015 are the following:

  1. iPhone – by far the first one in top;
  2. iPad – clearly getting ahead of the rest, but still at a pretty big distance from the iPhone;
  3. MacBook followed closely by iPod;
  4. iPod – still surviving on the market;
  5. Apple watch stirring less and less interest and scoring last.

With this graphic in mind, the sales won’t go at all as predicted. The biggest interest in the Apple watch has been manifested in March, throughout one week after the releasing.

What Are the People’s Complaints?

Number one dissatisfaction is the price. The cheapest version is the sport one, costing between $349 and $399. Then, the standard edition varies among $549, $649 and $749, reaching even $1,099. The special edition has outrageous prices of five figures, going up to $17,000!

Then, for the smart watch to really be smart and run all its functions, it needs an iPhone nearby – no more than a couple of feet away. In this condition, users could just check their phone and done.

Next, it doesn’t work with old versions of iPhone. Apple watch can only be connected to the newest products.

Again, the price. Taken piece by piece, the whole watch (sport version) doesn’t cost more than $90. But as we all know, the difference to $349 represents the brand!

Short Benchmarking With Other Products at Launching

Yes, compared to the other Apple products already existing on the market, the smart watch is way behind in popularity. However, this comparison is not quite fair, because we are talking about a brand new product. The honest thing to do is to benchmark the Apple watch with the other items at the releasing moment. Here we go.

Compared to the iPhone and the iPad, the Apple watch still has a low level of interest at the announcing moment. But unlike the iPhone, who left people indifferent when it came to pre-orders (zero interest), the smart watch had an audience larger than half of the previous moment (the announcement).

Actually, its popularity has been almost the same as the one of the iPad’s. Things change radically at the launching time: the interest for the iPhone and iPad just explodes, while Apple watch’s audience freezes at the same level. Maybe stability won’t be such a bad aspect after all; the most important ones are the sales.

And talking about sales, with the all great features and also downsides, Apple still sold about 2,5 million devices until now. We will have to wait for the official numbers, but producers are optimistic. They bet on a simple human psychological trait – the desire to have what others own, too! So the future is the only one knowing the fate of Apple watch.

PRO Tip for the Appreneurs and Startups

It is true that there are more android smart mobiles in the world than iPhones, but here’s a pro tip.

Apple users are more fanatic about their device than any others and they are willing to spend more in the app market. Additionally, there’s more room for new developers in this niche.

iPhones do have several apps preinstalled, but there’s one kind of users who always want more. Young individuals love personalizing the device with all sorts of cute and out of the box apps and they visit the shop daily.

But think about it like this – Apple does not accept any product; they require high quality and full functionality. So if you choose to develop iOS apps, put together the best team and work hard to reach perfection.

Also, study the competition and try to come up with innovative ideas that become addictive. Once the word spreads among users, success will follow and the downloading numbers will go high over night. Be ready to offer customer support and to release on-going updates!

In conclusion, Apple watch or not, the company is still on the wave and people are continuing their Apple frenzy.