Apple’s recent press conference announcing the official release of the iOS update 9.3, the new economical iPhone SE and the 9.7 inch iPad Pro did not cause much buzz among the iOS enthusiasts this time around.

That’s mainly because all of these tidbits had already been leaked courtesy of credible inside reports and other sources.

Had this unfortunate leak not happened, Apple would’ve surely caused some excitement about its new iPhone, which targets users who aren’t very keen to jump on the phablet bandwagon as of yet.

Apple iOS 9 Features for App Niches

iPhone SE sports a small yet efficient screen of 4 inches, better battery life and many of iPhone 6’s feature minus the 3D touch. Above all, it’s to be released at an economical price point of $399.

The 9.7 inch iPad Pro is also opening at a cheaper price point than its older counterpart.

After a longish beta period for the 9.3, Apple finally released it officially to the masses. That being said, there aren’t many “wow” worthy features in this update. But, that’s to be expected considering iOS 10’s developer preview release is set to be launched later this year. They’re probably saving all the cool new features for it.

So, for now, let’s take a look at how you can take advantage of the new iOS 9.3 features in your new application development project?

1. Night Shift

This is perhaps the biggest, meaningful, feature to come in 9.3.

Research shows that the blue light of LED screens puts undue strain on the eyes in the dark and stops the production of melatonin which disrupts our natural sleep patterns.

The night shift mode “warms” your display by reducing blue light and increasing shades of orange at night. You have the freedom to schedule when night shift activates or you can set it to turn on automatically at dusk.

Night Shift Feature

This feature was already available in jailbroken iPhones thanks to F.lux, now at long last it’s available for carrier iPhones as well.

Let’s be honest, how many times do you fall asleep with your iPhone/iPad in your hand at night?

For me, it’s every night – either reading an ebook or watching a movie on my Netflix app. In that light, this feature is downright dandy for night owls.

Leverage Night Shift for Your Next E-book Reader App and Movie Streaming App.

Tying the Night Shift feature into an ebook reading app or a movie streaming app would help reduce your user’s eye strain without them having to physically activate the feature. In fact, the feature can be tied into an entertainment app, news app or sports app – any app that users might prefer to use at the end of the day, in bed while relaxing.

2. Improved Health App Recommendations

The Health App now highlights third party health and wellness apps based on your preferences and activity. Not only this, it gives a central dashboard where you can monitor your workouts, sleep quality, weight and other health stats. Pair it with an Apple Watch and you’ll be able to see your movement data as well.

Health App Recommedation iOS9

Give Your Health and Wellness Apple Watch Apps an Edge.

Your next Apple Watch app can go the extra mile and provide your users with on-the-go views of the personal health and wellness data the app collects by displaying it directly onto the central Health App Dashboard.

3. Multi-User Profiles for Students

Unlike Android and Windows smartphones and tablets, Apple didn’t have the option to create multiple user profiles on the same device. It still doesn’t for home/personal users, but this new feature lets you create multiple student profiles for teaching.

Multi-User Profiles for Students

The feature is especially helpful for promoting the iPad as an education/classroom friendly tablet. Now, with a dedicated password protected profile for each student, the students can access their profiles from any school device.

The feature comes with a new education app for teachers that help them guide the students through each lesson.

A New Avenue to Explore for Educational Apps.

With this new classroom oriented feature, you can create educational apps that can be accessed through it and provide students access to information that enhances their daily lessons.

Parting Thoughts

With every new iOS update, the opportunities to leverage the new features for your next app can be endless. All you need is the will, experience and time to experiment and implement them.

After all, you can’t innovate without experimenting a bit.

In the same way, you can take advantage of the 3 most prominent features of the iOS 9.3 and make your app better; whichever niche may they be in: entertainment, education or health and wellness.

Reach out to us and find out exactly how you can use these cool new features in your next app.