Finally iPhone 6 is out with two most talked about models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. There are always positives and negatives associated with everything especially in case of smartphones. At the time of the release of dummy units, lot of people considered them bulky and ugly. Not many people were hopeful that time regarding the fate of the newest models on the block. But the extraordinary popularity of iPhones can be carved out from the fact that lot of people slept outside the stores previous night before release, just to be the first to avail iPhone 6. This is undoubtedly an excellent turnaround.

If we look at the past build of iPhones, it has come a long way. First ever iPhone was most beautiful and eye pleasing to watch, with a classic stone like the one made up of glass and metal. Then it moved to plastic that was an absolute degradation of build quality, followed by a weird shift towards glass build. However, it is the time to rejoice now because original premium class iPhone build is back with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The edges tapered towards the rear end gives an absolute luxurious look to the whole experience. Each small portion is being cautiously machine made with an absolute flawless finishing.

The only biggest flaw that lies with the models is bottom and top bezels that make iPhone 6 too long to reach on both ends in comparison to the actual screen size. The extra lump should have been cut-off from both sides. Nevertheless, iPhone 6 counteracts this problem by providing a perfect balance between long size with slim thickness leading to a lightweight device overall. Ultimately, users feel confident holding the device in their hands.

iPhone 6 cannot be termed as a completely “user friendly” model that you can operate even with one hand due to slippery surface and lack of appropriate texture. Still this has not slowed the pace of iPhone craze. Quite certainly, iPhone 6 have gone bigger with 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch screen sizes. It has a low resolution when compared to other devices.

However, that really does not matter because of sharp self-imposed retina display quality with 326 ppi and a powerful IPS LCD backlit LED display that gives a broad range of natural colors making iPhones look gorgeous. Both models carry an upgraded A8 chipset from Apple that utilizes a fabrication process of 20 nm and which is compatible with 64-bit. However, the phones still have the same dual core 1.4GHz processor.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus comes with same old 8MP rear camera that has been the tradition since iPhone 4S. Focus pixels here benefit the video quality as the camers backed by 720 p with 240 frames per second. Apple has ‘Digital Image Stabilization’ in place of ‘Optical Image Stabilization’ found in other devices that works when camera is moved avoiding vibration and shakes. It still has 1.2MP front camera. In terms of audio, iPhone 6 has a sharp grip of supporting voice over LTE and highly enhanced external speakers. The phone comes with an 1810 mAh battery that you might find to be low improvement especially when you compare it with 1560 mAh battery of iPhone 5 models. The phone consists of latest iOS 8 as well as will be equipped with newest ApplePay payment soon in October. With 16GB, 64GB, and 128 GB variants, 64GB is what iPhone lovers will consider as the sweetest spot.

Bottom Line

With initial reports of 4 million pre-order sales within a day and people waiting whole night outside stores across the globe to avail their iPhone 6, it is evident that iPhone 6 is certainly the best iPhone from the stable of Apple. iPhone 6 certainly takes the technology ahead but it does not revamp the smartphone arena. The build and design are exceptionally excellent but it has to compete with the likes of HTC One M8, M7; Samsung Galaxy Note 4; LG G3; and similar smartphones. That does not mean iPhone 6 is not worthwhile to buy.

The reason being iPhone 6 lacks any major flaws that you will find with other models such as Sony Experia Z3 is looking, HTC One is bulky, Nexus 5 comes with a poor battery, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and LG G3 suffer from clumsy UIs with problems. While iPhone 6 lacks all these major weaknesses. This is why iPhone 6 is highly capable to compete with the likes of best smartphones in spite of minor flaws on paper. Just imagine if Apple lacked even these minor flaws such as bottom and top bezels, lack of OIS enabled camera, lack of 1080p deisplay, then what would have been the state.