If the iphone event left you disappointment. I know iphone 8 is big disappointment. And iphone X costs a grand. The silver lining is the $399 Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular connectivity.

What’s new vs Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 3 is a pretty major leap from Series 2. There are new S3 and W2 chips that deliver incredible power and boost connectivity respectively. A new barometric altimeter for altitude tracking, and off course, LTE. That means your Apple watch can now make calls, send, and receive texts, give you directions, talk to Siri even when you’re not carrying your iphone, and bring more wearable app developers to its sides.

Apple Watch Series 3

The only time you need an iphone (6 or above) is to get it up and running. Once that has happened, the watch is as good as any phone, except this one has LTE too.

Same size, LTE Connectivity

Apple Watch has always been acclaimed for its minimal, sophisticated design, but Series 3 is a true breakthrough. It may not sport head-turning design innovation like that on iphone X, but that’s exactly what’s so cool about it.

With LTE connectivity, Apple Watch has somehow become a lot more powerful. It no more needs an iPhone all the time. This is probably the best time to develop an app for it.

Hire a wearable app developer

Have you seen Android Wears with cellular connectivity? Don’t you find them too big to be put on a wrist? Apple has somehow managed to add cellular connectivity and a battery life of 18 hours without adding bulk to the case. I am impressed beyond a doubt. This is the best Smart Watch in the market, indeed.

A mini iphone with health benefits

Apple has considerably upgraded hardware on Apple Watch. A new dual-core S3 processor now powers it and boosts the performance by 70%. The W2 chip, responsible for the watch’s connectivity, is 50% more power efficient.

Thanks to LTE connectivity, the Apple Watch Series can now track your basketball games, marathons, tennis, and off course surfing sessions. Not to mention, the watch can track your inactive and active heart rates, and notifies if the sensor notices a higher reading when you’re inactive. It’ll soon detect arrhythmia


The Series 3 Apple Watch is an immense improvement over any wearable on the market today. 14 hours is a killer battery life for a smartwatch with LTE connectivity. It is nothing short of a watershed moment for wearables, the watch that we will point to that changed the market landscape forever.