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How to drive business growth through parking app development

How to drive business growth through parking app development

  • Last Updated on May 23, 2022
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The growing number of cars in big cities has led to a new problem for commuters – lack of parking space. With more and more number of people opting for cars, finding a legal, ideal place to park a car becomes quite a task.

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This issue is mainly caused in the suburbs have a lot of offices and commercial towers. Solving this issue of parking congestion is the need of an hour.

Parking is more than a problem of convenience as buying a parking space gets way too expensive in metros.

Also, the legalities around parking in a tow-away zone may also put the drivers’ license in jeopardy.

One of the ways to address this growing problem is to have started a business with car parking app development.

People are always looking for the best available spots nearby them building a street parking finder app can really pull people to using this application.

Research indicates as close to 30% of the traffic issues in the city is due to people in search of traffic spots.

Developing a parking app offers an ideal civic solution while also offering a great way to kickstart a new business leveraging the available mobile technology.

As per the research done by a market watch, the global smart parking market is projected to grow at a CAGR of almost 22 % with USD 5.22 billion during the forecast period 2022-2024.

Note that the problem is not the lack of parking space but the inability of people driving the cars finding it easily.

You can’t expect to find a place to park a car whenever you reach a particular spot.

This is why equipping a mobile mechanism to build a smart parking system is the best solution people will avail especially during the peak time.


Finding a vacant space nearby the car based on vehicle location tracking system will also offer benefits to drivers like saving time, being efficient and mitigating the scanty traffic issues on main roads and even the jams in the streets.

This offers a perfect business space especially for the tech-based startups to plunge into this one and drive business growth.

Here are a few things that you need to take care of when you are entering into the business of on-demand parking app development.

Integrating geofencing technology

The fundamental cause of scarce parking space is the lack of accessibility to the parking spots around the town especially in the nearby vicinity where the car is.

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One of the best ways is to address this issue is integrating geotagging technology in the mobile app itself so that people can easily tag and refer the parking space to anyone in their peers simply by tagging the spot.

This will also create a lucrative business platform since more people get involved in it and contributing to the parking app usage.

With auto-tracking locations, the drivers are alerted as soon as the parking spot is vacant and also the nearby drivers looking for it.

This helps them to gauge whether or not it is nearby to their desired destination.

With instant booking mechanism the app for finding parking capitalise on spot reservations on the go as well.

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Period and time of booking the spot

There are plenty of office goers who’d want to book a parking spot for longer hours and this becomes a regular demand.

This way, the busiest parking spaces may be kept vacant which are in high demands, for example, spaces nearby the cinema halls and malls.

Allocating those spaces to cars which are going to be parked there the entire day is a loss to the business.

Driving business growth via developing parking apps for Android will require space management and spot reservations based on the time required by a car.

The key areas of concern here are:

  • Accepting the reservation for a pre-defined specified time period.
  • Allowing drivers to add more time based on their dynamic requirement.
  • Enabling riders with the ability to save parking space history along with all the previous payment history.
  • A feature-rich map that helps to find the way back to a parking spot
  • Preset reminders regarding parking time left and also providing an easy way to top up the time.

Addressing the above concerns will have your business riding high on efficiency and accuracy.

The success of customer parking app development business depends not only on managing the parking spaces and clients but also driving efficiency for and with each booking.

This creates a win-win situation for the customers and the business alike whereby customers are getting fast parking spots and businesses leverage on accuracy to utilize available parking spots to full capacity.

Booking a spot or even scheduling one means drivers no longer have to run chase the empty spots competing with the nearby drivers for the parking space.

There is a reason why you have opted to develop an on-demand parking app – empowering drivers to book the space within the app itself. And with integrated maps, one can easily reach the destination without much haste.

Booking on-the-go

While it may seem at first that parking apps work wonders only when there are pre-planned trips.

What about booking the parking space on-the-go? One the major advantages of parking space finder app are that it allows you as a business to use a blend of consumer location and geo-fencing that prompts drivers with nearby parking space as soon as the driver is traced in the area of parking spots in real-time.

As a business, it is highly recommended to go with the best-suited approach towards blending the Geofencing feature with real-time alerts to drivers.

The key is to have a basic structure in place that drives business growth making your app the best parking app for iOS and Android to reach as many drivers as possible.

The advantage of enabling booking on the go is that you can yield more profit with peak hour price rice and differential pricing on the occasion of festival or event.

Pre-booking means you make the most out of an event and on such occasions the drivers looking to book on the go must be willing to play the extra than the usual.

Such dynamic pricing makes way for more business and creates demand for the parking places with more customers opting to prebook due to flat charges as compared to booking on the go.

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Enabling real-time navigation

There is no use of on-demand parking app which does not have any facility for drivers to navigate their way to the parking space.

The integrating location-based navigation services for the parking apps can ease out their way to reach the spot and not just book without finding a way to reach there or using alternate map apps for finding their way.

The navigation feature should address the following concerns:

  • Map to existing parking lots
  • GPS coordinates embedded for the nearby parking spots.
  • Enabling location of nearby place with the number of parking slots available.

This is your chance to throw competitors fighting for the growth as well as parking space for their customers; by turning your car parking app to a navigation app with multiple functions that serve beyond just booking and parking cars.

Blending in the navigation features with the parking alert mechanism will mean enabling the following for your users.

  • Getting easy and fast notification with every slot getting vacated in the nearby areas
  • Allowing users to extend the parking session on a single tap
  • Getting an email/SMS notification when the parking session ends.
  • Dashboard with historical parking data and charges.

Adding more features

The car parking app must be well equipped with the custom infrastructure data based on which the user will make necessary parking decisions.

The key to success in the parking app development business lies in reducing the parking spot complexities with the passage of time and provide an ample supply of information to the users which are on-demand and real time.

Another important feature to integrate is to have a smart video within the application itself as a part of the navigation menu to help the user drive to the desired location.

Voice commands are the next-gen technology which means enabling users to book the slot based on voice command will put you in the front seat that drives business growth.

Developing a parking app with integrated voice module will make finding a parking spot an easy task for the drivers.

With outstanding connectivity and seamless performance, these apps can enhance your business. All these features are aimed at minimizing the complexities of parking spots and help your business to offer all the essential information to the users.

To get into the top results of voice commanding, you will need to hire the best mobile app developers for on-demand car parking application.

The parking app’s reliability will depend on how well the voice commanding is integrating into the application.

Another way to create the best car parking app is to offer something way too different from the users that are not readily available in the car parking apps worldwide.

One way to make a difference is to offer clients with the new system of connectivity that blends in the simple navigation of the entire app.

This can significantly yield positive app reviews which drive more users to connect to your app for finding the best parking spots for their cars.

Making safety a priority

Be it the data safety, car safety or payment safety, any sort of safety concerns must be addressed thoroughly before rolling out the parking app in the app store.

Offering digital payment solution for parking app may simplify the payment stuff for the users, but protecting the transaction online should be the priority for you as a business.

The parking management software at the backend is responsible to store hash keys securely and provide a smoother parking experience to users that also ensures multi-touchpoint safety.


Once you have the basic idea and decide to for custom app development for parking then the next thing to look ahead is the cost of parking app development.

At first, this may seem like a taxing job to complete but the phase-by-phase implementation of technology and enabling more features with every update is the key.

Rope in experience app developers who have a knack of building on-demand apps.

Perhaps, you can specify features you want for your parking app business and customize the experience for users.

For your parking app business to succeed, you first need to understand what the drivers need and which features actually makes them use your app more.

Then comes integrating various ways to enable those features as a way of investment to building a substantial civic solution.

Building a mobile app for parking can offer a great way for your business to level up capacities based on the redefined scope of work once the app is on the implementation phase.


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