Uber for an on-demand mechanic, Uber for a doctor, Uber for on-demand food delivery and what not! Uber, with its on-demand solution, has captured each and every niche today.

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One such innovative idea has been conceptualized – On-demand gas delivery app development. basically; it is nothing but Uber for gas.

Many gas delivery startups are adopted by this nascent concept and the demand for building a gas delivery mobile app is on its rise.

So, for all the aspiring on-demand gas delivery startup businesses, here is a complete guide to help you an unbeatable On Demand Gas Delivery App.

What should be the business model for building a gas delivery service app?

The key stakeholders for an Uber-like gas development business are:

Code is the most vulnerable feature of any mobile application which can be exploited easily by the hackers.

Hence it is essential that you write a highly secure code. According to research about 11.6 millions devices are being affected by malicious code.

  • The Platform Owner
  • The Delivery Professionals
  • The End Users
  • The Restaurant Owners

When the Customer places an order for gas, a notification is sent to the gas agency and the nearest delivery person is assigned the task to complete the delivery.

This can also be used by the restaurateurs or the catering services wherein the demand for gas is quite high.

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A separate app can be created for the businesses with big demands and bulk order can be placed by them.

The same demand, on the other hand, can be fulfilled by the gas agency by the allocation of a gas tanker.

What makes an on-demand gas delivery service application different?

Firstly it’s application in real-time. It assists the users in ordering gas online in real time.

The end users can also schedule their gas deliveries in real-time.

Another important thing that makes a gas fill up app a number choice for a startup business is its capabilities to capture the demand on the basis of the smart algorithm created by the expert developers and the planning of the solution in real-time.

While most of the Uber for X businesses are restricted and confined to their usage, gas is near to the basic necessity – both for the household purpose and for restaurants and catering service. This makes it a successful business idea.

What are the important features to focus on for building a gas delivery service mobile app?

Uber for gas delivery can be built as a simple order placing and delivery app at the time of launch. Later on, while expanding the business, advanced few can be added to it.

Features for web service (platform owner)

The web service is the responsibility of the platform owner or the mobile gasoline service.

This means that if you develop an Uber-like gas delivery mobile app, you are in charge of handling the web service portal.

Track registered vendors

For an Uber-like gas delivery app, it is essential for the admin to keep a track on the total number of vendors.

on demand gas delivery app Track vendor

The admin’a web service app helps him to know the total number of registered vendors on the platform.

Moreover, with the help of this feature, the admin can monitor the gas distribution per vendor and ca charge them accordingly.

Track the registered customers

The admin has the authority to keep a track on the number of the registered Customers.

He can view when the Customer joins the platform. The admin also holds the right to block the Customer from the platform.

He can see the total gas consumed by the customers by simply going through the track registered customers feature.

Track the riders

With the help of track the riders feature, the admin can know the total number of riders on-board.

This feature also helps him to know th gas deliveries done by each of them and their payment is decided.

The admin can even add or remove the riders from the platform and can edit the information at any point of time.

Payment received from customers and vendors

The web app for the admin has got a summary of all the transactions carried out within the app.

The admin can view a detailed report on the payment received from the customer’s end and also the payment due for the vendors.

In case of discrepancy, the admin will be able to track the payment made and can resolve the query for the customers.

Cancellation fee settings

The admin holds the right to set the cancellation fee for the customers and the vendors.

On the basis of who cancels the gas delivery, the admin sets a penalty for its Customers.

If the customer cancels the gas delivery, he is charged the cancellation fee in his next gas booking.

However, the amount of the cancellation fee depends upon the admin.

Distance settings

It is upon the driver to decide which riders get the request for the distribution of gas cylinder.

The admin sets a radius from the distance setting feature of the gas delivery web app.

If the rider is within the radius specified by the admin, he is eligible to receive a delivery request.

Admin dashboard

For handling the complete functionality of different stakeholders on board, the admin dashboard has the capability to view the list of end users, the bulk orders from them and the delivery professionals.

on demand gas delivery app dashboard

The admin can add and remove any stakeholder at any point of time using the control panel present in the web app.

Analytics and reporting

The admin or the gas agency owner receives insights about the gas consumed and delivery made. The metrics are based on the bookings made. This is shown by the reports generated from the mobile app.

on demand gas delivery app analytics

The admin can make an analysis about the usage on the basis of demographic data, the total number of restaurant listed, number of delivery professionals, profit and loss calculation per week, month, and year, etc.

Features for rider’s app

The features of the app is specifically developed by the developers keeping in mind the need of the Rider.

They get a delivery request and as soon as they accept the request from their gas delivery service app, they can extract all the information about the order, restaurant details and the address of the end customer.

Trip information

The rider gets the address of the end customer and the details of the gas cylinder to be delivered – the quantity of gas to be delivered, the mode of payment, if it is cash on delivery then the amount to be collected, etc.

on demand gas delivery app trip inforamtion

This helps the rider to navigate through the location and complete his delivery.


The navigation feature in the Customer for a gas app for the Rider is equipped with a GPS system.

It helps the Rider with the address of the end customer and provides navigation for the same.

Apart from this, the Rider can also know what the total time of the delivery is going to be.

Route optimization

The route optimization feature in the rider’s delivery app is integrated to find the best possible route for the Riders.

on demand gas delivery app route optimization

This helps them to deal faster with the traffic and make their gas cylinder deliveries as fast as possible.

Even if one route is blocked no matter what reason, route optimization helps navigate the rider through the most effective route.

Contact user

The on-demand gas delivery service app is built with a calling feature within the app.

The Rider can make a call to the Customer in case of queries regarding the location or the delivery to be made.

The contact Customer feature helps the rider contact the Customer with just a tap. The rider need not have to go to the contact app to make a call.

Start/End trip

After the Rider accepts the request of the end customers and grabs the gas cylinder for delivery, his trip begins.

This way his trip is counted once he begins the ride. He gets an OTP which helps the admin detect the total distance travelled and he accordingly.

on demand gas delivery app cta3

Features for the customer app

This is the main source of income for the on-demand gas delivery startup business.

Hence, it is important to cover all the features for elevating the customer experience.

Social media account integration

The best app is the one that helps the customers carry out various operations with ease.

Today, every other individual has a social media account. For providing the ease to log in, the Customers should be able to sign up or login by using their social media accounts. This can help the Customers to sign up with the help of just a few taps.

Call restaurant/driver

As soon as the customer books for the gas, he is eligible to receive the contact details of the Rider.

In case the Customers haven’t received the delivery by the scheduled time, the Customers should be able to make a call to the gas distribution to know the current status of his delivery.

Multiple payment options

One of the best features for building an on-demand gas delivery service is to provide your users with multiple payment options.

on demand gas delivery app payment option

The users should be able to make their payments using multiple modes – Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash on delivery, Mobile wallets, etc.

Moreover, if the customer chooses to pay offline, the invoice is sent to the riders for collecting the payment.

Push notifications

It is important that the Customer stays well-informed about the happenings of the on-demand gas service.

Therefore, push notification can help them know about their order, the service provided, new features launched, etc.

Moreover, when the scheduled delivery takes a long time, the push notifications can help the customer to know the prolonged time duration.

Track driver

The track Rider features in the on-demand gas delivery application help the Customer track the status of their gas delivery.

The Customer gets an end-to-end notification about the status of the gas right from making a request for the delivery to the actual delivery.

The customer can track the Rider with the help of the map integrated into the portal.

Schedule delivery

Basically, there are two types of gas deliveries offered for the customers. They can either make an instant booking and delivery or can choose to schedule their gas delivery.

The schedule delivery feature helps the Customer to choose the time and day of their delivery with other details about the gas required.

Real-time availability

When the Customer want to make an instant booking for the gas, the real-time availability system is of great help.

The online reservation system of the app allows the Customer to check the availability of the gas in real-time and place their order.

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Important things to consider while building an on-demand gas delivery mobile app

Since the time that the idea of developing a gas delivery strikes you to launching a working gas delivery app, there are many important things to be taken care of to make your gas delivery service mobile app a big success.

The basis for building any Uber like on-demand gas delivery mobile application is to brainstorm about the business model and a recognizable brand identity along with:

  • Customer convenience.
  • UI/UX designs
  • 24*7*365 Helpline

Simplified process for developing a gas delivery app

The right approach for building a gas delivery service app is to think of a USP for your business and assign the features accordingly.

Know your target audience well and address to their problems. By following this customer-first approach, you will be able to provide the right solution and will easily be able to retain your customers.

Research carefully on your niche. Since there are not many businesses into on-demand gas delivery service business, make sure you leverage this opportunity and launch your startup as soon as possible.

Always participate with your developers in choosing the right technology for your on-demand Uber-like gas delivery service.

Know what platform you want to target for your mobile app and then start with the development.

Know what devices are preferred and are most popular amongst your targeted audience and go for developing an app with that platform.

You can eventually introduce another platform for your business.

UI and UX design play an important role in retaining the customers. Attract your customers on a psychological level and make your portal as relatable as possible for your customers.

Leverage referrals, promotions, discounts, while launching your application for on-boarding as many customers as possible.

If you haven’t tried your hand over mobile app development, chances are, you need expert developers to fulfill your requirements.

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What is the cost of building an uber for gas delivery mobile application?

If you go around asking the app development companies about the cost, of a gas delivery app chances are you will get a diplomatic answer without a justification.

Let me walk you to the factors that contribute in the cost structure of a mobile app.

Now, for building an on-demand gas delivery mobile app, you will have to consider all the three apps with both the platform – iOS and Android.

  • The web app
  • The rider app
  • The customer app

This again can be divided on the basis of most viable and advanced features. The admin panel cannot have basic features and you will need enrich it with features.

The admin needs a complete control over all the activities going on within the in-demand gas delivery service mobile apps and its transactions. So, it is recommended to go all advanced with your web app.

For building the driver and the user app, it is advisable to launch the business with the most basic features.

Then with experience and loyal customers, you can expand your business with advanced features.

This is how you will be able to experiment with your customer’s need and make implementations with your new features while keeping the engagement rate high.

Hiring or outsourcing has their very own benefit if you are not experienced in developing an app.

Also, the cost of building an on-demand gas delivery mobile app is influenced by who you choose as your developers.

You could possibly hire a cheaper resource team that would eventually take a longer time to develop your mobile app or you might have a team of developers that promises to build you a mobile app in a short period of time but eventually, none of them proves to be worthy of your time, energy, investment, or even to be a part of your gas delivery service business.

So, you need to be very careful while hiring the developers for building an on-demand had delivery mobile app.

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