Today Peerbits has great day as it has started new program for the company employees, especial rewards/awards to boost the moral and overall growth of the employees, and some cloying Diwali Gifts for all.

Today management has announced three kinds of rewards such as Gold, Silver, and Bronze for the employees who best fit in the defined criteria of the performance. However, criteria were not much tough, but usual and accepted by-and-large in all such IT companies.

If we name some of the criteria we can say dedication towards the work, capacities and willingness to go some extra miles to achieve targets and goals of individuals as well as company in long-term, discipline, and other characteristics that can benefits the overall growth of company along with individual in particular.

Management has distributed awards among the general meeting of employees and they awarded following awards to the following star performers:

  • Gold award to the Paresh (Magento Developer)

  • Silver award to the Rahul (iPhone developer)

  • Bronz award to the Taufiq (Graphics Designer)

All employees have applauded the awards and award winners and greeted them. Afterwards, HR has distributed cloying gift packs among the all employees and greeted them with best wishes of Diwali and New Year in advance.

However, this time some cash were offer in form of awards, but next time we will have something new and amazing to observe. I hope such memorable programs and incentives will follow on regular interval and boost the desires of others to be toppers in the fast growing company.


Moin Shaikh

Moin Shaikh is the Senior Business Analyst at Peerbits, a leading Mobile App Development companies in USA - UAE & India.

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