Gone are the days when people question, “Why do I need a mobile app for something that is already well-managed?” Today On-demand mobile applications have taken up the business world to a whirl. They have a big influence on our lives.

If you are running out of an important ingredient while cooking, there is an on-demand grocery service for you.

on demand laundry main

Such is the ease that on-demand service provides. You do not own a fleet of cars or numbers of workers yet you can run a big business.

Who thought that dry cleaning mobile app business could go online? Who thought people would want to get a laundry app developed?

Well, an on-demand business model has got a lot in stores for the traditional businesses. But if it is anything, it is gradually becoming a need. Why would anybody spare their time washing clothes over a weekend when they can utilise the time doing things they love?

This very thought gave rise to on-demand laundry mobile app. So, if you are looking forward to building a dry cleaning mobile app or want to get a laundry app developed, we have got you covered here.

The concept of on-demand laundry service

Let us guide help you understand the functioning of an on-demand laundry service mobile application.

The stakeholders involved in an on-demand laundry service are the rinser, delivery person and the user.



Using a website or an app, a customer places an order for laundry. He can also schedule a time for the pickup of the laundry.

Delivery person

As per the scheduled time, the delivery person collects the laundry and takes it to the rinser. Once the laundry is done, the rinser calls for a delivery person and they collect the clean clothes and send it back to the customers.

Laundry man/ rinser

Once the rinser confirms the order placed by the customer, the delivery man gets the laundry to him and they wash, dry and iron the clothes and send it back to the customers.

With just a few taps and clicks, the entire laundry task get hassle-free for the user. Do you need another reason for building an on-demand laundry service mobile app?

We have plenty of them! Let’s look at what are the features to incorporate while building an on-demand laundry mobile application.

Important features required building an on-demand dry cleaning mobile application

In order to build an on-demand laundry service mobile application, we can divide the app functionality into three categories to understand the features better from the point of view and usability of each user:

  • Customer app
  • Laundry man app
  • Delivery man app

Let’s understand the features of these mobile apps individually.

Features of customer mobile app for building an on-demand laundry mobile app

on demand laundry customer mobile app

Easy login/ signup facility for customers

For better usability, the customers will be allowed to login/signup using their mobile numbers and social media accounts. This will save them from the tedious task of entering their details.

Type of services to choose from

Customers love options. The clothes can be of various materials and they require special treatment. For this, the customers will be able to choose the type of materials, kinds of clothes, detergent and machine wash or hand wash preferences and so on.

Schedule pickup

The customers will be able to select the pickup timings as per their convenience. They will just have to select the timings and date of the pickup from the mobile app and their laundry will be picked up from their doorstep.

Estimated cost

Once the customers select the number of their clothes and the materials, they will be able to view an estimated cost for the laundry service.

Favourite laundry man

The customers can favorite a laundry man on the basis of his service. This way the next time the customer books for laundry, he gets an option to be served by the same laundry person.

Order status

After placing an order, the customers can use the laundry service to track the order status. The order status will be changed by the laundry man and he will keep the customers updated with their order information.

Cancel order

Many times due to not-so-particular reasons, the customers want to cancel their orders. The laundry service mobile application comes with an inbuilt feature to cancel an order. This instantly sends a notification to the delivery person and the booking is cancelled.


After the customers receive their laundry, they will have an opportunity to add their feedback for the delivery person as well as the laundry man.

My offers

The customers can view their loyalty points and their tailor-made offers from their profiles using the on-demand laundry service mobile app.


The customers will receive notifications as and when the status of their laundry changes. This will keep them updated throughout the duration of the service.

Track driver

The customers will be able to track the drivers by using their on-demand laundry service mobile application so that they can know the status of their laundry.

Multiple payment options

In order to cut down the manual processing, the on-demand laundry mobile app will allow the customers to checkout using their various payment options.

The customers will be able to make payments using the debit card, credit card, net banking, eWallets, etc.

Features of laundry man’s mobile app for building an on-demand dry-cleaning app

on demand laundry laundry mans Services


The laundry men will have their own dashboard to which they will be able to login/ sign up using their mobile number or social media accounts and will be able to register themselves at the restaurant. For this purpose, they will be provided with the login details and password to secure their account.

Accessible client data

Once the laundry men accept the order of a customer, they will be able to access the customer data such as the number of clothes, the type of materials, etc.

Order history

The laundry men will be able to dive into the order histories to track the loyalty of the customers. This can help them customize offers for the customers.

Statistics and analytics

The laundry men will have a dashboard wherein they will be able to track the statistics of their service per weekly, monthly, bimonthly or yearly basis and make analysis out of it.

Calendar and reminders

The on-demand mobile app will consist of the calendars and reminders. This will help them schedule their tasks easily.

Features of delivery men mobile app for developing an on-demand dry cleaning mobile app

on demand laundry features of delivery men


The delivery men will have their own mobile app for the on-demand laundry service. For a quick access to the app, they will be to login or sign up using their mobile number or social media accounts. This was they can register themselves easily.

Map integration

The mobile app for delivery men will consist of a map. This will help them to navigate to the customer’s place and pick up the laundry.

Track earnings

The delivery men will be able to track their earnings for a particular trip and also can view detailed stats about their overall earning.

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Pickup and drop request

The mobile application for delivery men will consist of a module that will help them get a pickup and drop request.

Revenue model for the development of on-demand laundry mobile application

While the traditional laundry business is a narrowed-down niche, revenue streams for an online laundry business can be multiple

Charging the customers for their laundry

The most basic revenue stream can be to charge the customers for the service they have chosen.

Different charges for different materials

Charges can be classified on the basis of the materials.

Subscription-based model

The customers can choose to subscribe to advanced features such as same day delivery. For this they can be charged extra.

Laundry listing charges

In case you wish to run a laundry aggregator business, you can charge the laundry services for getting listed on your mobile application.

With so many revenue streams and ease in place, what are you waiting for building on-demand mobile app?


Technologies used in laundry mobile app

Cloud technology

Cloud servers play a significant role whenever it comes to the laundry app development. It’s because all the information associated with payment, orders, users, and laundry persons are stored on these servers.

An on-demand laundry app powered by cloud technology makes the laundry business scalable.

It also manages all the communication through secured servers thus maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of the business.

GPS tracking

GPS plays an important part in all on-demand applications and laundry apps are no exception.

GPS provides turn-by-turn navigation to the laundry man in real-time. It also shows how much distance he has to cover to reach the destination.

Moreover, with GPS in place, you can keep your customers updated by showing them accurate ETAs.

Reports and analytics

To drive a laundry business forward, it’s imperative to identify the weak areas. Reports and analytics help you do this by providing you insightful stats about the user base, sales, running price standards, and many more.

There are many analytics tools like Apache Spark, Open Source Analytics Tools, Apache Storm and many more.

You can integrate any of this in your on-demand laundry service app for the streamlined growth of your laundry business.

App store optimization

With app optimization, you don’t need to worry about publicizing your laundry app. The app optimization along with the intelligence program efficiently handles the review, ratings, and keyword optimization.

This ensures that application becomes a huge hit on the app store or the play store.

For rest of the features, you can refer to the below technologies.

Real-time analytics: – Apache Flink, IBM, Cisco, BigData, Spark, Hadoop

Database: – Mail chimp integration, Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, Postgress

SMS:- Twilio, Nexmo

Navigation:- Google Maps

Payments:- Stripe, Braintree, PayPal, EWallets

Cloud environment:- Google, Azure, AWS

Push notifications:- Twilio

How much does it cost to build a laundry mobile app?

The app development process includes various stages and the price of an app can be determined by calculating the number of hours consumed in each stage.

These stages are characterized as platform selection, design standards, and the infrastructure background of admin panel and backend.

Now, let’s have a look at the number of hours consumed in each stage:

  • Designing of iOS and Android app: – 140-210 hours
  • Development hours for iOS: – > 800 hours
  • Development hours for Android: – up to 750 hours
  • Development of backend infrastructure: – up to 200 hours
  • Building admin panel: – up to 60 hours

We calculated the estimated hours. Now to determine the overall cost to develop laundry app, we need to consider the physical location of the developers. It’s because the hourly rates of developer depend on their geographical region.

  • Developers based in US: – $100-$250 per hour
  • Developers based in Easter Europe: – $50-$150 per hour
  • Developers based in India: – $15-$80 per hour

After multiplying the total number of development hours with the developer’s hourly rate, we found out that the average laundry app development cost for a single platform was around $12,000 to $30,000.

Key takeaway

A mobile app can do wonders for your on-demand laundry business. Being an innovative idea at first, the customers will be attracted to the new service in the market.

You only will have to place an effective marketing strategy to it and let your on-demand laundry mobile app earn money for you. Also, being the early slice of business, it will be easier for you to take over the market with no competition.


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