The advent of technology has made our generation sedentary. Due to technology, the amount of physical work has almost diminished which is the root cause of various problems. According to a new study around 30% of world’s population is overweight or obese.

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These stats show that we are living in the dark times and the agenda of Health & Fitness is in desperate need of a push. You can see this push in the form of increasing number of Gyms and nutrition centres across the world.

Gyms have been a huge success. However, everybody doesn’t have the time to join the gym. Moreover, some do join on the New Year’s Eve and then procrastinate for the rest of year.

For such audiences, the diet & fitness app is a saviour. They assist the users to follow a proper diet and to keep a check on their calories intake.

To take the full advantage of the situation mobile app development firms have started to build Health & Fitness Apps. Some apps are already doing well; however, there are so many opportunities left for you to explore.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur who is looking to develop a Health & Fitness App, then this article will provide you with a complete guide and professional’s tips on how to do it.

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Have a glance at some best diet app ideas

There are various kinds of Diet Apps available on AppStore and the Google Play. These are apps which have minute difference in their basic functionality.

Moreover, they cater to different target audiences. We’ve prepared a list of some apps which tops the chart.

Calorie calculating apps

As the name suggests, the main function of these kind of apps is to count the calories. In this app, the user enters his/her goal which is usually the weight. Later they add other information such as their activities and the food they ate.

on demand diet and nutrition app calorie counter apps

The app measures the number of calories absorbed and burnt and then suggests them with dietary recommendations.

MyFitnessPal is the perfect example for such app. It’s widely popular and its 11.7 million users are its testimony.

Moreover, it ranks first on the Health & Fitness category in the AppStore. LoseIt! is another app in this segment which has created a lot of buzz by its engaging design and interactive User Interface.

Apps for meal planning

These types of apps are different from the former ones as they monitor the calorie intake of their users even before they eat. In this app, users must fill data such as desired weight, diet, and food preferences.

on demand diet and nutrition app meal planning apps

The app then creates a diet chart for a day, week, or a month according to the data filled. Diet Assistant and Eat This Much are the two apps which falls in this category.

Social platform apps

This is a social app which connects users with diet & nutrient coaches. These coaches provide them with suggestions and professional tips.

Rise is an example of such app in which the user pays to the diet coaches and experts so that they can guide them to follow a strict diet regime and track their progress.

Diet & fitness apps for niche audience

Most of the apps that we saw were common for all the audiences. However, there’s another approach to diet apps. These are known as special diet apps. It allows you to effectively narrow down your target audience.

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For example, you can build a diet app specifically for pregnant ladies or diabetic patients.

Wager apps

Money is by far the biggest motivation. What if you can lose weight by it? Betting apps are the answer to this question. In this app, the user bets a certain amount of money that he’ll lose an amount of weight in the certain amount of time.

If they lose that much weight, then they get their money back otherwise, they will lose the money. DietBet is one of such app.

Features that you’re app must have


Whenever you enroll in any gym or nutrition centre, the first thing they do is the registration. Similarly, in a Diet & Nutrition app, you must a registration feature where all the important information of a user will get stored.

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This information includes age, weight, height, food allergies, goals, desired weight, preferred diet, and many more. Moreover, there must be a sign-up option via email, Facebook, Twitter, or manually.

Dashboard and food logging

This feature can make or break your app. Before I tell you why let’s see what it is. After registration, the first thing your user should encounter is a screen or dashboard where the user can find all the information such as calorie intake, his/her progress, and various nutritional tips.

on demand diet and nutrition app dashboard and food logging

Now, coming to the question why is it a make or break feature for your app? It is due to the fact the more appealing and interactive would be your dashboard the more successful your app would be.

So, make sure you invest a lot of time and money in the UI/UX and customization of this feature.

Integration with fitness trackers

Fitness Trackers or Wearables have emerged as a global trend for all the fitness enthusiasts. According to Statistica, there are approximately 593 million wearables connected in 2018 and this figure will jump to 929 million in 2021.

on demand diet and nutrition app integration with fitness trackers

Wearables are essential as they record vital information such as blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse automatically. Without wearables, the user must manually fill the data which would be both tiring and inaccurate.

So, one thing is clear that, if you are thinking of a Health App Development then it must have a feature for integration of wearables or fitness trackers.

Push notifications

Push Notification is an important element of any mobile app as it is well-known for customer retention. However, you must understand the essence of it and realize how you can utilize it for a health and diet app development.

on demand diet and nutrition app push notifications

You can use Push Notification to remind your user for their daily workout sessions or meals. Additionally, you can use it to motivate them to push more. Push Notification is like a double-edged sword.

It is because if you overuse it then there is a high possibility that it would annoy your customer. In worst cases, this annoyance could result in him/her uninstalling your app.

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Diet plan or user’s goals

One of the most basic functions of such app is to guide its users towards a healthy diet and assist them to achieve their goals. So, once your user specifies the goal like desired weight, body type, and preferred food, your app must suggest them with a proper diet accordingly.

on demand diet and nutrition app diet plan or users goals

The diet must include all the elements which match the user’s preferences. Ensure that this feature of your app has a high effectiveness as it is the most basic function.

Barcode scanner

Embedding a Barcode Scanner would be a great feature for your app as it would assist your customers in shopping.

on demand diet and nutrition app barcode scanner

It would provide important data such as calories and ingredients of the items with the help of your phone.


Usually, the generation Z is expert in using all kind of apps. However, you simply cannot assume that. It’s because mobile apps can be complicated at times and you must build a kind of trust that you’re always with them no matter what.

You must have help sections which must include all the FAQs along with a tutorial video which would act as a user manual. You can add a chat service too in case, a user still has some questions.


Feedback section is a must for any mobile apps and Diet & Nutrition App is no exception. To receive feedback from your users is the way to improve and to make your app smoother.

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The users can help you to identify some loopholes if any. Moreover, they can suggest you some features which would they like to have on the app.

How to monetize your diet app

Once you have built the app it is obvious that you would contemplate ways to make money out of it. There are a few ways by which you can monetize your app.

The most popular way is to provide additional features to the paid users. You can build an app which is free for public with some additional paid features.

Another way which is also common is to incorporate advertisements with your apps. However, it has its own pros and cons. Ads may annoy your users and they might uninstall your apps to never return.

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Cost of app development

At the end of the day, it all boils down to the money. It’s obvious that you want to develop an app with a minimum cost without compromising on the quality. So, let’s see what would be the cost of app development for diet & nutrition.

It is difficult to determine the cost of any app as it depends on many factors. The most significant factor is the nature of the app: whether is it simple or complex. The cost of an app would keep on increasing with the increase in the complexity. To give an idea below are the estimates:

Charges of developers in UK & US: – from $60 – $260

Charges of developers in Eastern Europe: – $25 – $150

Charges of Developers in Asian Countries: – $10 – $80


In this article, we discussed all the aspects of a Health & Fitness app. Straight from the different app ideas, must have features, ways to monetize the app, and the Cost of app development we covered it all.

As discussed earlier, there are few existing apps that are doing well. However, they are a few cons that those apps have. To succeed you must study these cons and come up with an app which can resolve all those issues.

To achieve all this, you would require the help of a mobile application development firm that can deliver it in minimal cost. Peerbits comprises a pool of talented professionals who would deliver all your requirements with their top-notch skills combined with our cutting-edge technology.

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