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The cost of developing a tinder-like app

The cost of developing a tinder-like app

  • Last Updated on April 25, 2022
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Tinder entered the mobile app market in 2012. And it did not only gave matches to singles but also introduced a set of design and functionality in the world of mobile app development. The swipe features were widely received by its users.


The functionality of ‘match to chat’ gained fame overnight. And the cherry on the top was its unique GPS discovery feature. This GPS feature finds the match from a nearby location based on the customized (up to 100 Kms.) proximity.

The success of Tinder mobile application

While the choice of Tinder app as a case study might puzzle you but the reason why we are considering Tinder is because of its popularity and success. Check out these staggering figures to comprehend the growth of Tinder app.

  • Users: 50 million per month;
  • Matches: Reaching 12 million a day;
  • Swipes: over a billion swipes within just 24 hours.

One may consider creating a Tinder-like application for other purposes as well and not just limit the dynamic functionality of a Tinder-like app to dating itself. For this reason it is pretty important to understand the Tinder-like functionality that can be implemented for other services as well.

It includes a Tinder-like app for job search and recruitment like Apply, implementing tinder like swipeable features for e-commerce apps, on-demand apps, and even for the restaurant business.


While you decide to go ahead in making a Tinder like a mobile app, it is important to understand the process of mobile app development along with the elements that act decisively in calculating the cost of developing a Tinder like application.

Determining the platform for development

The time and cost of developing a Tinder like a mobile app largely depend on the platform.

  • For developing Tinder like app on Android platform, 200-250 hours are required.
  • For developing a Tinder like app on iOS platform a minimum of 200 to maximum of 300 hours are required.

Developing admin backend

For a tinder-like app to work perfectly on both sides there is a need for an admin dashboard too. This dashboard comes in handy for analyzing application statistics in terms of measuring user engagement levels.

It is also possible to deploy analytics in the backend to closely monitor user activities including the number of swipes made per hour, the number of matches per day, and the number of new users logging in to the app.

It is also possible to deploy analytics in the backend to closely monitor user activities including number of swipes made per hour, the number of matches per day, and the number of new users logging in the app.

For this, the admin panel can integrate analytics tools like Flurry, Crashlytics, or even Google Analytics to name a few.

  • The number of hours required to create the admin dashboard may range from 150-200 hours.

Creating web portal extension

Tinder like app requires a backend that has all the relevant database. Tinder like app for job seekers may require web portals for recruiters to upload job profile, company documents for candidates’ information, and other relevant company details from the web portal.

Businesses looking for tinder like e-commerce app can also require web portal extension for smooth managing the application.

  • Depending on the features and web portal requirement the web development hours may vary from 120-150.

Quality analysis and debugging

QA is one of the most important processes that any must go through. Because of flaws, if any, might be detected at this point and the same can be corrected.

Any issues in the Tinder like app needs to be tackled, bugs are detected and removed as this stage marks the completion of application development.

Also, this stage involves deploying mobile apps in the app store.

  • The QA and debugging process along with the app deployment may require up to 200 hours depending on the project size.

Technical expertise and efforts that go into making a Tinder like app

Developing a Tinder like app may require a lot of manpower with high expertise on mobile and web development. Setting right individual on the right job allows the developer to wrap up the project in a given time period.

Here is the list of experts along with their respective number of hours that are required to develop a Tinder like app.

Graphic Designer

One graphic designer is required to create first hand, customized vector graphics that goes on to play a vital role in app design

  • Rate: The hourly rate of graphic designers varies based on their experience and geographic location. In India, the average hourly rate of a graphic designer ranges from $18-$20.
  • Time: Graphic design may take 50 to 60 hours of work in building a tinder-like app.

UX Designer

One UX designer is required to define the scope of work and create a wireframe for the entire application.

  • Rate: UX designer in India with average experience may charge anything between $20 to $25
  • Time:The scope of work for a tinder like app may require 60 to 80 hours of work from UX designer.

App developers

Regardless of the platform choice, each platform requires 2 to 3 mobile app developers for developing a tinder like application.

  • Rate: The hourly rate of mobile app developers vary from country to country. India is preferred for app development mainly because of the competitive rate which offers great ROI for makers. Android, as well as iOS developers, charge anything from $22 to $30 per hour. If we are to compare these rates globally, Ukraine’s developers charge $80 to $100/ in the US the cost shoots up above $100 per hour.

  • Time: Dedicated app developers who are assigned to develop a Tinder-like mobile app may take anything from 700 to 900 in total. Depending on the number of developers working on the app, the same can be reduced. But in an ideal scenario, a typical 3 developers working to develop one app would cumulatively require anything between 700-900 hours.

Quality Analyst

The application is required to pass a quality check process that is performed by the Quality Analyst. His job typically involves running the app and finding probable glitches.

A tinder like app might have certain functionality issues like unable to swipe right after a certain point, unable to chat properly with the matched individuals, or other technical bugs need to be fixed.

In most of the cases, QA is responsible for pushing an app to the app store as well.

  • Rate:The average hourly rate for Quality analyst and debugger ranges from $15 to $18 per hour.

  • Time:The number of hours required for QA may fairly depend on upon the application complexity and bugs. A typical tinder like app requires QA for 100 to 120 hours. This includes app store deployment hours which consumes nearly 20 hours of QA’s time.

Other required resources in making a Tinder like an app

Now that we are aware of elements that go into making a tinder like an app it is wise to calculate the overall budget for developing a tinder like a mobile application. It also includes a bunch of business analysts who makes sure to complete the project on time.

Incorporating a business analysis process is a good way to ensure achieving desirable results. Also, there is a project manager who has involved actively in the process to get things done from fellow developers to achieve project milestones in an efficient manner.

The overall time and cost of developing a Tinder like an app

We can cumulate everything that is mentioned above to calculate the time, a number of hours, and the actual cost of developing a Tinder-like an app. Though these figures may not represent the exact data but it gives a clear idea of creating a Tinder like a mobile app for any businesses.

  • A number of hours required to develop a Tinder like app: In all, it takes a good 1200 -1500 hours for creating a tinder-like application for both platforms. One can simply deduct 350 to 400 hours if it is only for a single platform.
  • The cost of developing a Tinder-like app: It is important to consider plenty of factors before determining the cost of developing a Tinder like an app. Typical Indian mobile developers who work with an average rate of $20 to $25 may charge anything from between $24,000 to $35,000 and even more based on the requirements and specific business needs.
  • The time required to develop a Tinder-like app: A simple tinder-like app without any additional feature may take anything from 4 months. The more the requirements, the more time it takes to complete the project. Sometimes it even takes up to 6 months to develop such an app.

One of the reasons for the success of Tinder like app is its functionalities and elements of connectivity. It is possible to implement the same for other purposes as well.

Apart from dating concept, Tinder like apps can be made of job search, a social app to unite like-minded people based on filters such as sports, films, music, and plenty other.

The scope of Tinder like app is wide enough to be implemented in e-commerce website as well where users can swipe right their choices to come back and crawl them over to check if there are any offers on those products.


Tej Chalishazar

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