The glorious saga into the world of technology got accompanied with the blend of tradition on the eve of 27th October. The entire family collectively celebrated the festival of lights and made the attempt the fetch some time out of the busy working schedules.

Before everyone could boulevard ahead to celebrate the festival with relatives we decided to make it memorable, and bring out the hidden artistic talent of the Peerbits family.

It all started, as soon as clock touched four. Teams who have been preparing since a while made way to their respective places. The color of tradition was splattered all around. Guys and girls were covered in the gleaming attires and all set to unveil the ‘creative they’. The task assigned was to create a Rangoli and a greeting card.

Be it any competition (work and fun both), it remains incomplete without any rewards and appreciation. Thereby it was decided to give awards for:

1. Best traditional attire (male)

2. Best traditional attire (female)

3. Best Rangoli & greeting card

With the very of time, the competition began and the teams headed towards their respective places. The enthusiasm and the energy had been beyond comparison. Sneaking into what the other team is doing, running all around to organize the assets required, and surfing through the internet to find better ideas.


The arena turned to be a playhouse for creative brains, and this is exactly what was required from the event. It took around two and a half hour to finish. The mesmerizing Rangolis dipped in the essence of light and divinity had the power to capture your soul. The greeting cards while on one side had the magical touch, some of them were full of treats, messages, and the touch of art.

Finding the winning team was indeed a difficult task for the judges. Scrolling through all the preparations amidst energetic voices calling the win of their team made it further exciting. However, some had to win, and that’s how after a good discussion, the result came.

The best dress awards in male category got grabbed by Noman Shaikh, while for female the family category Jinali Rajput took the badge. Moving further judges made way towards the Rangolis and greeting cards. While someone designed the blend of nature, another had the curls of tradition dipped in colors, showering the scent of flowers.

After a close (tough) go through, first prize went to the team of Mohsinkhan Shahjada followed by Hiren Waghela’s team. Both the teams portrayed different forms of the art and commendably showed their talent and power of teamwork, in such a limited duration.

Apart from the winning two teams, the other two received appreciations and reward to respect their efforts. This is how the Peerbits family grows; work needs to be appreciated at every point. However, the day went quite smooth and energetic with celebration and the competition. By the end of the day before leaving for home, everyone had a Diwali gift, lots of fun, and memorable moments.


Moin Shaikh

Moin Shaikh is the Senior Business Analyst at Peerbits, a leading Mobile App Development companies in USA - UAE & India.

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