Now a days, technology and business growth seems like a paradox. Because, technology is ever-changing thing, while business growth needs to be continuous. And this is the reason why a business needs to balance the equilibrium by harmonizing both the variables relentlessly.

While we talk about this, one of the most successful and fiercely growing technology is mobile application development. Remember how excited we used to get while playing games on mobile phones? Or remember those days where common tools like calculators and conversion charts used to appears damn awesome?

Well, what incepted as just an add-on feature to the normal phone, is now becoming one of the most scalable business growth options with the advent of smartphones. And therefore, whenever businesses stands at the crossroads, on whether to go the app development way or ditch it and follow their own, the enigma gets even more perplexed.

Need Mobile Business App

No matter how small or big your business is, having only the web presence will not suffice the business growth. The online activities are continuously shifting to mobile devices. Or let me put in a better way – mobile apps have become too precious a marketing tool for businesses to do without.

But don’t you worry, because, we have the solution. If your business goals has any of the following things, then for sure, you will require mobile app development.

If you want to be in constant touch with your customers – Mobile app development is the only way. Be it push notifications, alert messages, or interactive in-app pop-ups. Mobile app can literally put you in constant touch with your customers.

According to the Gallup Survey it was revealed that 52% of smartphone owners check their devices few times an hour or more. And well, if they happen to be young customers, then there is no other way than the app development way.

Because, as per Pew Research Center, more than 90% of mobile phone users between the age of 18-29 uses their mobile phones to avoid boredom.

For any business to retain their customers, it is important to remain present at customer service, 24X7. And nothing can beat the mobility of applications.

If you are focused on ‘current success scenario’ then yes, your business will be all fine. But talking about future, it is projected that all the business activities will be shifting to mobile apps. Also, in one of the latest research by KPCB mobile technology trends, it was revealed that 90% of user activity with mobile phones happens over applications.

Now we all know, marketing and branding go hand in hand. When you market your business, you market your brand as well.

So does your business needs some branding?

Then mobile app development is the perfect platform to let your brand shine.

In layman’s term, a mobile app is like a blank billboard sign. A kind of open space on which you possess a complete control; make it stylish, hip it up, make it functional, shock-struck users, to be informative. It is a blank canvas in the hands of the finest artist.

So, get a mobile application developed for your business and spice it up the way your customer would love. While at the same time make sure you brand it beautifully, keeping it well designed. Opting for a mobile app development certainly helps you brand your business in a better way. And a brand always gives face to the business.

Who doesn’t want recognition?

Even a small child gets elated with the claps around him. Then, why don’t your business shouldn’t get one? If you already want your business to become a brand, then you need brand recognition as well.

And now that you need your face to be recognized, you need a mobile application for user retention.

Mobile apps are perfect way to increase your brand recognition. The more you involve your customers with your business through intuitive apps, the sooner they will buy/purchase your services and products. There is a theory of Effective Frequency. This states that exposing your potential customers to your brand for more than 20 times can lead to desired actions.

Now you know, if your business needs a recognition and a constant reminder to your customer, then mobile app development is the right way to go.

But, any new business initiative comes with a price and so does a mobile application development.

But, there is a vast scope for lucrative ROI…

We know you invest almost everything when it comes to business. This is not only limited to capital and finances, but also the time and energy you put into business. And for that, it is possible to maximize ROI through mobile apps.

Considering the possible scalability of mobile applications, it is possible to gauge the returns through reverse process mechanism. For example, you can forecast the revenue generation from the mobile apps and compare the same with your investment in the same.

And once you decide to go ahead with mobile app development, the need is to get customers and retain then.

Don’t worry, because…

Mobile Applications are pathway to increase customer base and create a community.

How many times have you thought to bring all the prospective users under one roof? Mobile app development is one such process, where it is possible to create a community for the products/services you offer. This is one of the most lucrative way to yield effective customer base. This customer base not only becomes an engagement tool but also your loyal trumpets.

Engaging customers in community through mobile applications serves two purpose – first, it keeps on the flow of customers, and second, it allures prospective customers to become the part of a community. Look how THRONE made fortune out of a community driven mobile app.

If you are a small business, and still contemplating on whether to invest in app development, then let me tell you, that the future of mobile apps is certainly bright. And, it is capable enough to generate rocket high revenue.

In order to match with the speed of technology, every business needs to move ahead with fierce pace. And to ensure that business growth in everlasting competition, one must step out of its conventional thoughts and take risks. It all starts with the first step towards developing a mobile application. Start, before it gets too late.