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First Glance at the Highly Anticipated Apple iOS 9 Conceptualized Features and functionalities

First Glance at the Highly Anticipated Apple iOS 9 Conceptualized Features and functionalities

  • Last Updated on December 06, 2014
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Apple iOS 8 was initially declared at the WWDC 2014 occasion in June and the successive debut took place in September. Passing by Apple’s history of iOS versions, the Apple iOS 9 is anticipated to debut in June 2015. This was after the declaration of the cutting edge iPhones and iPads in September 2015. Presently, a valid conceptual idea eagerly awaits bringing out new exciting features in iOS 9 distributed, showing vital peculiarities of the new OS rendition.


History Settings

This feature lists down every adjustment made in Settings. Furthermore, users can stay away from the headache of experiencing all the menus to infer what modifications took place.

Search Settings

This feature permits users to recover the necessary Settings by doing a quick scan.


Smart Sleep

This is a Siri characteristic, where the advanced digital aid shows up after five or more tunes to verify that the user is still listening to the music or not. If the user does not react with the press of a button or on the other hand, by talking into the headphones’ mic, Siri will assume responsibility and switch the music off.


Night Mode

This mode will pass out the menus keeping in mind the readability factor for the fact that the encompassing environment is with faint light.


Colorful Look

This feature permits the users to alter buttons color, Control Center, and UI components.


Switcher Settings

This feature permits users to get to all the applications and the individual settings with just a single swipe.

Close applications altogether

Let the users to close applications in progress or currently running, with one tap.

Siri Spell

In the event that, Siri does not perceive or distinguish the user words, the advanced digital aid will ask to not only spell words individually but also learn them in long run.

Round Springboard

The rounded springboard relevant to Apple Watch integrates normal and zoomed modes.


Multi-Lingual Auto Playlists

With this feature, the new Music App will consequently recognize the melody/track’s dialect and attaches the same to the dialect playlist.

Smart Shuffle

This feature permits the music player naturally pick the best tracks and collections focused around the ecological conditions, for example, time, climate, body movements, and events, encompassing the user.

Unique Video Feed

This feature brings together all the streaming applications into one big master feed on the smartphone of users.

Digital Clock on locked screen

With this feature, the user can customize the clock widget on the lock screen.

Learning App

“Tips” application should be changed over to “Learn” application for showing and aiding the iOS gadget to the users.


Control of buttons

Let users to allocate virtual buttons on the screen to alter tasks when required.

iOS9 Generalities

iOS 9 is on the market since 16 September and things already started to change. App developers must keep an eye on the latest Apple trends of system. This last version is already known for the possibility of multi-tasking and evolved gaming experiences. As a consequence, developers must be aware that their products should support often swifts among tasks. Then, due to the improved gaming platform, app builders should struggle to come up with more powerful products. These must have a modern design, fast running features and last hour interface.

Then, development companies must always keep in mind that iOS 9 runs with IPv6. Why is it essential to ensure IPv6 support for your Apple app? Because otherwise, this won’t be compatible with all the devices around the globe. In short, clients will be lost and downloads will go down.

What will You Gain From Working with

Even if iOS9 is a band new product on the market, the team from Peerbits is already prepared to offer you app development solutions. This is because our members have worked in advance in order to learn and define the most fitted traits of this latest system.

The expertise we have in iOS allows us to custom concept, design, build and run on version 9. Additionally, the company offers on-going support to all clients.


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