A few years back, for the people across the globe, fitness became a new religion. Looking at the mass interest, the creators in app world began to come with fitness tracking apps.

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In no time people got numerous tech innovations, including fitness tracking band and other fitness mobility solutions. But…

How many made their way in the hearts of the people?

We all are well aware of the status of the flooded app world. The arena has the same number of contributions from fitness app developers, but not all find their way to the shore.

The major reason behind this is the understanding the need of target audience (fitness enthusiasts) and accordingly serving them the features and benefits.

According to a survey organized in 2014, around 30% of people using fitness app, use it to track their goals. This is followed by 28% and 27%, who use it to stay aware of the health issues and motivation respectively.

An outer look at the report will reveal that the primary reason behind the trend of fitness tracking apps is the awareness and motivation. However, it’s better that we won’t jump to a conclusion directly and go through all the linked aspects of fitness app development.

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How to create an activity tracking app to make it successful?

When we talk about activity tracking apps, wearable market steps in. While building fitness apps, one needs to ensure that they are well compatible with the wearable devices.

A recent report reveals that the wearable market has increased drastically in the last couple of years.

However, the question arises, how many made it to the end? Or rather, how many made it as they dreamt/planned?

I guess not many.

Here are some tips that as a fitness app developer you need to keep in mind, during the process of fitness app development:

1. A personalized experience

When it’s about tracking the user activity and further evaluating the user’s fitness, the application needs to have user’s personal information like, age, height, gender, and weight.

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These will help the application in ascertaining the accurate details.

With these, allow users to customize the application as per their need. You may include features like:

  • Planning personalized exercise routines
  • Saving the statistics he/she gets
  • Setting goals
  • Comparing the performance/progress

2. Integrate geolocation

This feature allows the user to track his walking routes, and to build them and record workouts.

fitness tracker geolocation

By availing this platform your fitness tracking app can make an invincible space in the hearts of its users, as this will allow them to track their fitness progression over larger periods of time.

3. Push notification system & reminders

Anyone who is working out regularly would never want to miss a session. However, keeping up with the busy lives; sometimes, it does slips out of our mind. In such cases a push notification from the app can be very useful to remind us of our workout session.

This is the very reason why many Fitness app development companies are investing a lot of capital and time in notification system. However, they must keep one thing mind that Push Notifications works as a double-edged sword.

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Pushing the Push Notifications too much could annoy your users; they even might leave your app to never return.

4. Gamification

We all have pushed five crunches or pushups the moment gym plays our favorite song. Moreover, we tend to push ourselves more whenever there is a target to achieve.

fitness tracking app gamification

Just imagine what if you can complete these targets and win rewards which is a part of a game in your fitness app?

This game will have several tasks which you have to complete. Failing to complete these tasks would lead to penalties. These penalties could be in a form exercise like 250 burpees or in the monetary form.

5. Multi-device synchronization

Like Fitbit, you can allow your fitness app to synchronize with different devices. This feature will give your app an extra edge as it will get the nod of those users who wants to work out by synchronizing their devices.

fitness tracking app multi device synchronization

So, the mobile app development firms while they build an app must consider this point very significantly.

6. Deep heart monitoring

For many years doctors, athletes, and astronauts are using heart rate variability to measure stress and other health metrics. Welltory is a mobile app which helps its users to measure their heart rate variability at any time and anywhere.

Deep heart monitoring

It provides its users with the best heart rate monitoring & diagnostics results with 33 stats. These stats are personalized and explained in detail.

7. Sleep tracker

This is must add feature looking at the busy lifestyle today. The feature tracks the time user didn’t get the sound sleep. This implies the moments he is active during sleep.

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To use this feature in the fitness tracking wearable, the individual will have to wear the band and activate it before going to sleep. Hence, to get this thing work well, you might need a little extra discipline to have vital data as output.

8. Altimeter

This feature is useful for the users who climb stairs instead of going with escalators. The feature measures the stairs climbed and the change in height (altitude).

fitness tracker altimeter

This feature is also helpful during jogging or running, in order to measure the efforts made and the final result ascertained.

9. Food tracker

By adding this feature you’ll allow app users to log their food intake. This will help them in the realtime tracking of their calorie intake and the exact requirement as per their body.

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The integration motivates and guides the user, and thus has an impeccable space in the market.

10. Water tracker

The water tracker is a unique feature which is certain to get green signal from most of the users. Fitness tracking apps can include it and take its advantage. Water is a very essential yet neglected element of our diet.

fitness tracking app water tracker

We all know the fact roughly 60% of our body is water. A human body requires 2-3 liters of water in a day.

This app reminds the user to drink water and stay hydrated during different stages of a day. It considerably helps in assisting the user to achieve their goals by ensuring proper intake of water in their body.

11. Online consultation & chat

Exercising becomes tricky in absence of a trainer. The user may have plethora of queries regarding different exercises. In such cases an online consultation & chat feature can really help your users.

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They can clear any of their query at any time through online consultation. Moreover, with the chat system in place they can talk with the fellow work out buddies and can share their experiences and progress.


With time people have understood the importance of physical fitness and this awareness turned into a modern fad or craze will continue for years to come.

Being a visionary entrepreneur, you must cash in this opportunity; you can contact any mobile app development firm and discuss the cost of app development to include all the mentioned features.

Moreover, you can conduct market research and contemplate of adding some more features which will make you stand out than the existing fitness apps.

So, the key ingredients to make a successful app is wise strategy and an app with standout features.

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