iPhone is an absolute wonderful phone to flaunt with. However, make no mistake about it. It is not perfect. Even iPhone has loopholes much like any other smartphone. A few default settings in an iPhone are highly annoying and could be a reason to worry. Fortunately, you can enhance your overall experience to some extent by some ways. Let us know how to deal with these default settings.

Stop “Sent from my iPhone” email message

Whenever you send an email from iPhone, the default Apple Mail app will also send a signature as well saying, “Sent from my iPhone”. You can prevent this message to shoot up with every email.

Go to Settings => Signature. Tap the signature tab. Now remove the words present in the box and keep it blank.

Assign a different tone to your phone

Ideally, every iPhone should assign distinctive default message tone and ringtone to individual users. However, in reality, every single iPhone has exactly same type of message and ringing tone. Therefore, when you hear an iPhone tone, you might think that it is yours, but another user would actually be checking out the phone. Hence, it is very much necessary to differentiate yourself in terms of mobile tone.

Go to Settings => Sounds => Sounds and Vibration Patterns. Choose the apt messaging tone and ringtone from a list of tones that suit your mood and personality.

Organize unwanted apps into a separate folder

Certain apps on an iPhone are impossible to delete such as stock apps, unwanted games in the game center, iBooks, etc. You can do simply nothing about it. You cannot delete them. However, you can certainly keep them away from your vision. Just store them into a folder to free up the screen space.

For doing this, just select an app and keep it selected until it shakes. Once it does, just drag it on top of another unwanted app. It will result in asking you to create a new folder. Name it, and there you go! Drag all the unwanted apps in this folder. These apps will never free up your storage space, but at least they do not clutter up the screen now. This way it becomes a lot easier to find useful apps.

Avoid permanent apps from taking up the data usage

There is a major side effect of above discussed permanent apps. They take over monthly Internet data usage if enabled. It is better to disable them so can be enabled on Wi-Fi and not on data connectivity.

Go to Settings => Cellular. Switch off 3G or 4G usage over data networks. This deals with apps like Facebook, Foursquare, Spotify, Music, Weather, Tips, Passbook, and more. In addition, you can opt for updates pertaining to only certain apps by going to Settings => General => Background App Refresh.

Switch off information saving option

iOS has an inbuilt option of saving password, username, and credit card related information when a website visited. By default, it is turned on. Henceforth, you are asked to save information through a pop-up notification, each time you fill a form. You can save tremendous amount of time by saving information, but pop-up coming every single time can be irritating as well. Good news is you can stop this.

Go to Settings => Safari => Passwords & Auto fill. Switch off “Credit Cards” as well as “Names & Passwords” tab.

Enable “Do Not Track” settings

Websites do track you even if you bounce off a page through cookies. They do this not just to track you but also to serve advertisements laser targeted as per your behavior or habits. Safari, the default Apple browser, supports “Do Not Track” privacy feature that prevents websites to save cookies. However, by default this feature is off.

Go to Settings => Safari. Switch on “Do Not Track.”

Text protection be taken care of

When a text message is received on your locked screen, the recipient name along with the first few message lines is displayed. Text messages sometimes are very confidential that nobody else be able to see. Thankfully, you can let your messages to be confidential.

Go to Settings => Notifications => Messages. Turn off “Show Previews” option. Now whenever a new text message will arrive, the recipient name along with “New message” text will show up.

Improve battery performance

The biggest battery drainer in iOS 8 is the parallax feature that generates background as well as foreground motion while using the phone. It is foolish to lose over your smartphone power when out of town.

Go to Settings => General => Accessibility. Turn on “Reduce Motion.”