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A lifestyle and travel application meant towards global expatriates for relocating to Dubai

A lifestyle and travel application meant towards global expatriates for relocating to Dubai

  • Last Updated on January 16, 2015
  • 2 min read

Do you live in Dubai, passing through this mesmerizing city, or planning to shift in the near future?

Just have a look at this one wonderful app from Android Play Store “Dubai Expats” that helps you gain and share a deep insight about life in Dubai. An Indian company Peerbits Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has designed this particular application for a US based client Norubit LLC., a company present in Florida. Do you have a question about any aspect of life in Dubai? Get the answer – fast. Do you have a great tip that could make a difference in someone’s life in Dubai? Deliver your opinion rapidly.

The Dubai Expats app allows you to quickly post any question or tip you may have about life in Dubai, and other users can immediately see and respond to it. Whether you have just moved to Dubai or planning to relocate in the future, you can fire up as many questions as you want, and have other expats or locals in the community guide available right away to solve you problems. Even if you are just passing through and want to maximize your stay, get the scoop on what’s happening now and how best to spend your limited time.

Do you want to have a glimpse on the happenings taking place currently or coming up soon? Be informed in advance. Spread it to help it go viral. Even if you are stuck in a heavy traffic or lost somewhere in Dubai, start the app and reach your destination quickly and safely. Also, provide tips for the same to let others avoid same kind of situation or scenario. Present a strong opinion on a topic of interest affecting you or the Dubai Expat community. Speak your mind, and share your position on the matter. Share an awesome joke that may put a smile on someone’s face right now. Share it, and make that person’s day!

You might want to start a new business. Get quick feedback from the community, and take decision fast. Make unlimited use of the application, as it is free to use for lifetime as of now. Fire it up, and be inspired by others’ posts. Get the knowledge you need, spark your own creativity and contribute back. Take an active part in life in this exciting city, and help change your and others’ lives. In addition, most importantly, enjoy!


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