If Hangouts messaging did not succeed to tempt you due to one or the other reasons, then Google is back again to strike you with its newest messaging standalone application that made its mark on 12 November this year. It is available for downloads in Google Play Store. You might be asking yourself or to people around you, “what’s really different this time?” Well this time Google has come up with its newest material design making the entire app aesthetic and more interactive, which cease to exist in a normal MMS/SMS application.

Now you can actually pick the best videos and pictures from inside the app. Those selected files can be shared simply and rapidly. In addition, audio or video messages can be fired instantly with few taps. With a refined search feature, users can cut their way through relevant conversation threads and contacts with a touch of color messages and support for emoji. Moreover, users can block other users for a specific amount of time and things could be unblocked easily.

Here another big question arises. Is Google trying to get everyone on board with Hangouts or aiming for new users with its newest messenger app? It is hard to answer at this point, as to what is going in the minds of people working at Google. However, for now, the app will come pre-installed on devices carrying Android 5.0 Lollipop. Android 4.1 OS and higher versions also support the messenger app but it needs to be downloaded. Here is the Take a minute to look at our link where you can get your messenger app from the Android Store that does not require an Internet connection to run.

Will a standalone-messaging application like Google Messenger an instant hit among users, especially when people are used to chatting on highly popular online messaging app such as WhatsApp, Viber, Hike, Line, WeChat, and more? It is too early to say anything, but people fed up with the annoying speed of Hangouts due to an integration of Google chat with messaging, will definitely try it. Only time can tell what is in the fate of this latest offering from Google. Till the, try yourself and build your own opinion.

Whatsoever goes with this messenger app, it is evident that possibly every Take a minute to look at our Android messaging app in future will adapt to this latest material design. Until then any kind of minor or major modifications in such design will be noteworthy. The reason being, the more recent updates will provide way for a more enticing and logical interface than what the predecessors encompasses. At this point, if you are looking for a highly attractive stock SMS/MMS application, then this messenger could be an ideal choice communicating with your family or friends through prompt audio messaging.

Key features of Google’s newest standalone messenger in brief:

Click pictures or shoot videos directly from the app and share them conveniently.

Easily send audio/video messages to people present in your Contacts.

Smooth search across conversations and contacts to get to relevant people.

A mesmerizing and intuitive materialistic design providing a delightful experience to users.

Block unwanted users so that you can have an interruption free smartphone.

New features introduced such as archiving messages, colorful conversation threads, support for emoji, audio messages, and more.

Support in Android 4.1 JellyBean and higher versions and comes pre-built in Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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