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How can healthcare mobility reduce hospital management costs?

How can healthcare mobility reduce hospital management costs?

  • Last Updated on April 19, 2022
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Mobility is no longer a trend but has evolved as a need of the era. The pace of its evolution soon invited numerous health app development companies to step ahead and initiate the healthcare mobility solution process.

According to a website, it is estimated that by the end there will be around one million mobile health apps generating revenue of $26 billion. Another report states that the total revenue generated by the top ten mobile apps for health is $4 million.

With more than 97,000 mobile apps related to health and fitness in the app world, and still counting. With the pace at which the demand and supply of these mobile health apps are increasing, we can expect them to play a major role in the coming years.

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But do they actually provide benefits to the hospital management cost, or they are just focused on providing a better experience to the users?

Mobility is indeed a boon to all the sectors but healthcare showed greater impacts of it. Doctors can respond to their patients in a quicker way than traditional methods with lesser managerial costs.

Mobile usage devices are expected to show rapid and dramatic growth in 2022 in the healthcare sector.

Clinical mobility has been increased with the penetration of smartphone and internet usage at all the administration and clinicians levels. We can see the rise of mobile usage in every stage of the healthcare industry from 2017 to 2022.

The adoption is a result of better customer experience and streamlining the management process through clinical mobility.

1. Mobile report

Health mobile apps help in mobilizing the patient reports. Not only the patient can keep track through regular updates, but also the doctor and other hospital authorities can have a look at it whenever and wherever they want.


With this, the expenses incurred on creating reports again, maintaining the physical records, and the resources allocated in same can be reduced. This subsequently will help the hospital management to reduce a god portion of their expenses.

2. Saving time

‘Time is money’ is a quote that fits best in today’s era. The mobility in the health sector has commendably saved a lot of time of the patients as well as the hospital authorities.

With the help of mobile apps for health, the management gets easy. Be it the patient registration, treatment schedule, history, or readmission, everything can be stored virtually and accessed conveniently in the coming future.

According to a report shared by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, 90% of admissions are unplanned. The high number directly impacts the way staff and management coordinate and manage them and the cost incurred in doing so.

3. Saving human resources

The major section of the cost is incurred on allocating resources to manage and maintain the physical data of patients and other hospital expenses and earnings.

Once your mobile app is onboard with you, you can save a huge amount of time and effort incurred on same.

The same human resources can be further utilized in bringing out other productive ideas to action, in order to serve the patients better.


Example: Nurse Alert is the perfect example of a time-saving app for Nurse that allows nurses to optimize their time effectively for patients’ speedy recovery. The nurse-alert mobile app fosters nurses’ work lives by increasing their productivity to deliver better nursing services for patients.

4. Future references

As mentioned earlier, that a mobile app for health enables a patient and the doctor to keep a virtual record of reports. In context to same, these reports and records can be used by the person related anytime for his/er reference.

There are certain times when sharing a physical record require a good amount of time and efforts. Saving these time and efforts incurred eventually helps you save the cost incurred in doing the process.


With the help of health mobile app development, the patients and the hospital authorities get numerous benefits. These benefits while on one hand add to the ease in working, on the other hand, they save you lot of time and money.

Numerous organizations have shared survey reports and conducted research that proves the affirmation of the benefits of cost-saving through the usage of healthcare mobility.


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