As we saw in our previous article “top reasons why majority startups fail”, we discussed regarding what are the factors responsible for the failure of startups. In this article, we will discuss about our process by which we help startups to avoid all those failures.


Launching a startup is a daunting task for any entrepreneur. Isn’t it true? However, a proven methodology not only guarantees success but will also help you in establishing your business online successfully. Remember, it is not an overnight process.

Many businesses have become successful with our little help, but it definitely needs lot of time and efforts on your part to go through the whole process effectively. Let us check out each step one by one.

  • Let us help you find an unsolved need

  • Have a detailed discussion with us

  • Get a website and an app in place

  • We deliver content that interacts

  • Let SEO drive search engine traffic

  • We will build your reputation online

  • Together we build a strong relationship

Whether you are a newbie, or a seasoned entrepreneur, this is a common course of action for everybody looking to set a venture online. This is how we go about in our procedure given below.

Let us help you find an unsolved need

Most businesses fail because of selecting the area of expertise to flourish. It is not about choosing the right product but choosing the right market.

We’ll help you select either a market with few solutions or maybe less viable solutions available out of many. There are certain tricks to find it out with online market research tactics.

  • Online forums contain many healthy discussions where we will find your answer

  • Our keyword research will help you know what kind of companies rank high on Google

  • We will let you visit the competitors website to find out what they are offering

Have a detailed discussion with us

Let us sit down together so that we can understand your needs, gather requirements from your end, and ultimately devise a strategy to fulfill them. This is how you can avail benefits of dealing with a professional company like us.

Alternatively, you can opt for independent consultants who might not have a right infrastructure in place, but can definitely guide you through the process.

Get a website and an app in place

Once you are done with the product selection and market research process, now it is time to build highly user-friendly websites and mesmerizing smartphones apps for iOS, and Android.

Ensure to keep both things simple with an easy to use interface delivering high end user experience. As per our experience with web design and mobile application development:

  • Choose only 1-2 fonts over a background that is white in color

  • Navigation has to be clean and clear with controls on every single page

  • Make use of multimedia such as images, video, or audio, only if required

  • ”Add to shopping cart” and ”Checkout” processes should not take more than two clicks

  • An ‘opt-in’ page is must to collect email addresses of your visitors

  • When going for a storefront, look it from customer perspective rather than yours

We follow a detailed iterative model of client discussion, gathering requirements, creating wireframes, designing prototypes, coding and development, quality assurance testing, deploying end product, providing post-sales support and maintenance.

We deliver content that interacts

As everybody is aware nowadays with the fact that “content is the king”, it is time now to create such effective content that lets your website and the mobile app, rank high on Google Search Result Pages (SERPs).

Content should have the ability not just to retain the visitors but also lure them to make a purchase as soon as they arrive on your website.

There are again certain key points that we emphasize on when dealing with high quality content:

  • Create an urgency in the minds of customers

  • Assure your customers with safe products having secured shopping measures

  • Make an offer that your buyers cannot resist

  • Talk about how your products can be helpful in solving problems

  • Testimonials are the best ways to enhance credibility through trust

  • Establish credibility by acting as the ultimate problem solver

  • Providing solutions to the problems rather than beating around the bush

  • Headline is the most crucial element and has to compelling enough

  • Ask them whether they would like to make a purchase or not

We focus more on presenting your products or services as unique solutions that can make things better for the customers. By putting ourselves in customer’s seat, we ask, “How this product is different from others and in what ways it can solve my problems?”

5. Let SEO drive search engine traffic

Search Engine Optimization whether off page/on page is the best way to get instant relevant traffic to a brand new website. Since you are delivering quality content, you have a high probability to show up on the first page of Google with minimal efforts.

SEO consultant not only escalates your site rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs) largely in an organic way, but also lets you have a high conversion traffic boost for your website.

We will build your reputation online

People use Internet to find out information. If useful information is provided for free, than not only would visitors be inclined to come to your website, but this will also lead your website to more efficient search engine rankings as well as traffic.

Just deliver a free giveaway or giveaways keeping a link somewhere pointing to your own website. We do this in three different ways:

  • By including share or send to a friend link, your content is circulated resulting in automatic traffic generation.

  • Give away your expert advice or consultation on other websites by creating guest posts, articles, webinars, audio lessons, infographics, and lot many ways. Distribute that content through social media and other online marketing tactics.

  • Keep providing expert advice for a while, deploying your reputation as an expert that will help you market your future content with ease.

By constantly doing this, you will certainly each new readers every time that will follow your link to finally see your website. Search engines love backlinks coming from high PR websites and hence your reputation builds in the eyes of search engines slowly and gradually.

Together we build a strong relationship

By building an opt-in list for you, you are unknowingly generating valuable assets for your business. Your subscribers and your existing customers have given you full freedom to send them email. This literally means that

  • Email response is 100% measurable that helps you build your future successful campaigns

  • They want to develop a lifelong relationship with you

  • They are interested in what you have to offer in future

  • Extremely cheaper when compared to physical means of advertising such as TV, radio, newspapers, etc.

Anyone visiting your site through the email that you have sent is a guaranteed hot prospect. We help you take follow-ups with them to close sales.


Ubaid Pisuwala

Ubaid Pisuwala is a highly regarded healthtech expert and co-founder of Peerbits. He possesses extensive experience in entrepreneurship, business strategy formulation, and team management. With a proven track record of establishing strong corporate relationships, Ubaid is a dynamic leader and innovator in the healthtech industry.

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