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What is full-stack development and how to hire a full stack developer?

What is full-stack development and how to hire a full stack developer?

  • Last Updated on July 21, 2022
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We hear people talking about front end and the back end or sometimes the client side and the server side. Frontends are about presenting the data to the users. This is where the users access the web through the browser. So, we would be using technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript to target the end users.


On the other hand, the backend is more concerned with the business logic and the data aspect of a web application.

This might be implemented in one of several languages.

The 3-tier architecture

We often hear people talking about the three-tier architecture for web development. Implementation in this approach is a common client-server software architecture pattern. The entire development is divided into three layers:

  • The presentation layer, which is concerned with UI related issues and how to present the data to the end user
  • The business logic layer which is more concerned with data validation and processing the data in order to generate information for the users
  • The data access layer which deals with data persistence and storage of data behind the scenes

Let's look at what is implemented in each of these three layers in more detail. The business logic layer is implemented in a server where we use languages like Ruby, Python, C++, Java or asp.net. The server talks to a back-end database management system to exchange data, which, in turn, generates the front-end display of data to the user by server-side rendering of the HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

You need specialist of each these three layers

This is the traditional approach that has been used successfully in web development. Now, in this approach we need specialists in each of these three layers. You have a front-end specialist who would be well versed in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


You have the backend specialists, who would be well-versed in server-side implementation say for example one of the languages used for server-side implementation.

You would have a data specialist who would be mostly concerned with the data basis and data persistence aspect of the Hire dedicated web developer.

There is an increasing trend towards full stack web development, which is used for implementation over the entire stack. You could be having the front end implemented as a Single Page Application (SPA) using one of the JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS. The server-side could be implemented using technologies like Node.js, which again depend on JavaScript.

The data access or data storage part is implemented using technologies like MongoDB, which works based on storing JSON data and serving up information in the form of JSON. JSON has become the standard format for data interchange among the three layers.

Delivering a REST API so that you can target multiple platforms. Through the REST API, the server is serving up data in the form of JSON which can then be rendered either on standard web browser or on a mobile device using one of the multi-platform hybrid mobile application development environments.

Characteristics to look in a full-stack developer

Full stack developer requires you to know about all the front-end technologies and all the backend technologies. It demands them to know all the programming languages or at least the most used ones. They need to be good at working with everything ranging from databases to user interfaces and the stuff in-between.

Has an area of expertise

You may argue full stack is about learning at all but that's where you are mistaken. Full stack means identifying where you want to excel and then creating the pad that gets you there first.


Identify business and customer needs and decide your area of focus web technologies such as JavaScript. If you relate to this area, then your full stack development consists of JavaScript , HTML, CSS, , database systems, web server deployment, operating systems, payment systems, and word control system.

Knows One language, not all

With your focus in place, you next need to zoom in on the technologies. Most developers try to learn all that they can. Doing that is not only overwhelming but given the kind of technology range available out there it's close to impossible. What they need to do then is to focus on learning a few important technologies.

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You need not worry if you don't know all the general purpose programming languages. You can choose to learn either Python, Ruby, PHP or the others.

Irons out the kinks

We have been learning since the day we went to school: when you're clear on your fundamental, all else become easy. Full-stack developers need to be comfortable with both the back end and the front end development. The base of most web development is JavaScript, HTML and CSS.


At a beginner level strengthen your knowledge on these to know how good are you. Test your skills by creating basic pages. JavaScript though a full programming language in itself is as important with 99 percent of all web based applications using JavaScript in some form or the other.

Your knowledge about servers, networks, hosting environments, algorithms, data structures, programming languages and the databases should be absolutely clear before you move up your staff.

Most importantly, you should be able to create the link between each piece of the puzzle. It's not about knowing single pieces of information; it's about connecting the dots.


Jack-of-all-trades, King of one

As you expand your knowledge, you will quickly learn that it's difficult to gain expertise in all that you do. Don't give up. In fact, this is where most developers fail: trying to master too much. What you need to do is to become comfortable working with all the important technologies.

That comfort level will improve with practical experience and while you are doing that make one technology your focus. This will provide you with an edge over your competitors and allow you deliver some amazing results choose wisely though. Your specialty should align with what your clients need most.

Is a part of a developer network

The best way to stay relevant in the market is to stay up-to-date heck. It is the only way for this. Build network of peers online. There are many options: join a community, social media sites, online forums, chat rooms and groups. They offer a great way to do so.

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At the end of the day, experience matters

It's finally all about creating a good quality product, easy-to-use user experience and great functionality as a full-stack expert. That diversions with so much technology can be tempting. However, it is important not to lose focus on what your end-product should look like. You must be able to see, feel and experience your end product. You must be able to build it securely. It must serve the purpose it was conceptualized for.

When you have such focus, working toward it becomes much easier and faster. Build something on your own. Learn about building something with a specific purpose in mind. In any case, it can always function as something.

A path to becoming a full step developer takes time. It's not only about learning various front-end and back-end technologies, it's also about understanding those two areas in more detail and making communication between those two areas, easy and smooth

They need a plenty of patience to get there. You also need to be an eager to learn. There is a lot to learn. If you're the kind of person who enjoys reading software and web development videos, becoming a full staff developer is an easier process.

The dynamics of the market are ever-changing and you never know what technology you will be implementing next so be persistent and don't lose focus


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