Do you not feel that the sedentary lifestyle that we lead in today’s world has imposed a lot of serious health complications in our lives? Moreover, we also hear people say that the technological advancement has brought a huge change in today’s life. Now, if you wish to meet a person, you go for video calling services, instead of meeting him personally over a place.

Thus, it has made the world smaller. And, the techies are becoming more and more engrossed with these new advancements in the field of science and technology. And thereby, neglecting their health widely. This has created a havoc on the health giving rise to the following disorders.


Obesity is certainly one of the most bad consequences. Also, abnormalities in blood pressure and level of blood sugar, depression, cardio vascular disorders, anxiety, different types of cancer and many more. So, what do you think?

The advancement of technology has really made your life smooth or has it made your life more complicated? Well, the answer is definitely a big NO. No, that the technology hasn’t made our life complicated. Yes, there are some negative impacts on health. But, it has provided a lot of alternatives to outnumber the negative ones.

Thanks to the technological development that you can now start exercising at your desk right in your workplace. Several under desk cycles and elliptical bikes have been developed, which no longer create the problem of restricted blood flow and constant inactivity even if you sit for more than 8 hours in your workstation.

Also, it’s because of the technological advancement, several fitness mobile apps are also developed, which not help in improving the fitness level, but also help in maintaining a healthy life.

The fitness app development has created a lot of buzz among the mass these days. Some of the popular ones are the MyFitnessPal, Strava, Pact, Charity Miles, FitStar and many more. So, how can these fitness mobile apps have an impact on your health? Let’s check out here in detail.

1. Fitness apps provide the nudge in the right direction

If you really wish to be healthy, all you need is the proper nudge from some authenticated source. This helps you to make certain modifications in your lifestyle and daily habits, if necessary. And, these fitness app are the best to provide the nudge in the right direction. These keep you motivated and focussed to achieve the desired level of fitness.

2. They create a healthy competition

Well, the competition is between you and other competitors in this virtual world. The apps nurture the competitive side of your health and fitness and drive you towards achieving it. The app, Strava helps you to sign up and compete against all other users of the app.

It takes all the activities into account and breaks them up in various segments and gives you a winner. So, there’s always that charm and excitement, which isn’t only inspiring but motivating as well.

3. The apps provide you with challenges based on your body Condition

You heard it right. These fitness tracking apps keep of all your activities, BMR, age and body weight as well. By accumulating all the information it provides you a routine to achieve the maximum outcome from your schedule. The routine is often quite challenging, which helps you to get your butts off and keep moving to attain them.

4. The fitness apps maintain a track record

Well, these apps are the best to keep a track of your health condition, which include your height, weight, BMR, calories burnt, calories gained and everything in detail over a period of time. So, you can really assess your progress and work out accordingly. You can get an overview of how much you’re doing and how much more effort you need to put in to achieve the desired goal.

5. The Apps Provide a Lot of Flexibility

This is the need of the hour, I guess. This is because of the hectic life schedule of yours. But don’t worry. With these fitness apps, it’s no longer required to hit the gym at a particular time. These fitness apps chalk out the exercises and routine for you based on all the specifics of your body.

All you need to do is take some time out from your routine and follow them according to your convenience.Thus, the fitness apps are simply ruling the industry of health and fitness with their magical powers. Flow through it and lead a healthy life.