It wasn’t too long ago when retailers actually spoke about the importance of location-based marketing. Now, we clearly can see retailers all set to comprehend the benefits of location-based marketing services using retail app development in a better and quicker way. This has resulted in the growth of iBeacon technology.


iBeacon, a piece of hardware, is truly ruling retail industry and transforming the user experience by understanding the buying behavior of the customer.

The technology has brought about a shift in retail marketing paradigm by incorporating special promotional messages and alerts for consumers and offering big data analytics for enterprises.

Amazon Go is one true example of how iBeacon can help in personalizing your customer experience. Customers can now go and buy whatever they like without having to stand in queue for the long, never-ending checkout process.

The items automatically get added to the virtual cart directly. So, not just Amazon, every retail business is now looking for ways to personalize and customize their user experience in a unique way.

Here are 4 ways in which retail businesses can use iBeacon technology to deliver the best, personalized user experience.

Welcome Your Customers

When your customers enter the store, they will automatically be greeted with a notification in their smartphone. Customers will get such greet notifications as soon as they enter your store.

It is a unique and smart way of greeting your customers. All you have to do is set up the notification in the backend and let your Beacon device do some action.

Better Product Showcase

Let your customers experience the way of checking out the new products in a unique way; video. Show your product demo in a video rather than the conventional shelf display.

Your Beacon device can successfully deliver the product video to your customers’ smartphone and let them see the product in a real model via video.

Indoor Mapping

If your store is too big then your customers might not be able to find items just like that. So help them with indoor mapping. It will give your customers a good view of the store location and that makes it easier for them to search items what they are looking for.

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Track the Impact of Your Campaign

Unlike conventional ways, with iBeacon device in the hand, retailers can get a better picture of their customers. By utilizing a Beacon management platform, store owners can send opt-in contextual messages and product & service promotions to customers when they enter a particular location in your store.

In addition, such platforms make it simple for store owners to track the impact of their marketing campaign.

Lets for Relevant Mobile Retargeting

Not just customers in the store, but with big data analytics provided by Beacon devices, retailers can now retarget customers that are outside the store. For instance, when a customer visits Gas Jeans store and walked out without buying anything.

Now, Beacon devices deployed in that store will provide the store owner details like what product she looked at, whether she tried any clothes, etc. And with such customer information in hand, the store owner has a great opportunity to reach out to the customer in the real world.

Now, the store owner can push a small ad on the type of jeans she was looking for and offer her a discount of 10$ if she orders it in the next 24 hours. Hence, Beacon devices help retailers in closing the deals by retargeting the customers with better offers.

Send Right Notifications to Right Customers

Retailers can utilize the Beacon devices to their full potential by sending messages and notifications that are based on a better understanding of the customer’s buying behavior, location, demographics, etc.

Let’s say, by incorporating a consumer’s social network profile with the loyalty programs, store owners can send relevant, customized, and personalized offers to customers that are almost impossible to overlook. Say a customer has just walked into your store and is fond of Lavie bags.

The retailer can now utilize this information to their benefit by sending them a 10% off an all Lavie bags. Therefore, Beacon devices can assist retailers to identify both the right consumer and the right intent.

Do you know any other ways in which iBeacon technology is transforming the retail industry? Then do let us know by commenting in the section below.

Improve in-store conversation rates

Sending smart advertisements to consumers in-store is a creative way to enhance conversation rates. Furthermore, the data you collected using beacon technology is vital when targeting your ads.

Always help your customers in selecting the right products that will lead to higher conversation rates than traditional in-store ads.


iBeacon technology has a huge impact on a customer’s in-store experience and purchase decision. It is an effective marketing tool to allure customers and offers a customized shopping experience, it is an amazing device that has been a great assistant for retailers and also customers. Adopt this technology to expand your business and enhance your customer experience.


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