Anticipated Features



As per the recent announcement from the smartphone giant Apple, iOS 9 has been announced formally for a release this year. With iOS 9, Apple has given emphasis to powerful and smarter technology, with a first major upgrade to its highly popular virtual assistant “Siri.”

It will now accompany a feature called ‘Proactive’ that will offer app suggestions based on contextual location or time, very much similar to Google Now. With a new “Spotlight” ‘deep linking’ feature, it lets you access content through a system wide search rather than directly opening up the app.

Apple Pay

Apple’s mobile payment services “Apple Pay” gets tremendous updates in iOS 9. Now it will have its presence in UK as well, with compatibility to more credit card providers and banks.

In addition, it replaces ‘Passbook’ with ‘Wallet’ that will integrate all loyalty cards, store cards, debit, as well as credit cards at a single place.


The basic “Notes” app present in iOS since its inception will see more features in the form of sketches, checklists, and image insertion. Now it will compete even more firmly with its biggest competitor ‘Evernote.’


The most criticized app of Apple, “Maps” will be getting significant updates in the form of ‘transit directions.’ Now it will support more than 20 world’s most popular cities including Berlin, London, Beijing, San Francisco, New York, and lots more, by providing support for subways, buses, and trains.


The new “News” app in iOS 9 will collaborate content from multiple places to syndicate at one single place. It is expected to deliver high-resolution images clubbed with informative animations in a mobile formatted layout, to provide news from top-notch sources like The Verge, Buzzfeed, ESPN, Wired, Time, and CNN. It will suggest articles to read based on your interest.


iOS 9 also introduces features meant specifically for iPad. The newly on-screen keyboard provides cut, copy, paste shortcuts, and even a brand new mode that converts keyboard into a track pad.


With 70-30 & 50-50 split screen modes, you can work easily with multi-finger touch gestures in iPad. In addition, videos viewed in picture-in-picture viewer are easily movable on the screen. If we go at the system level, iOS 9 is smaller as well as efficient.


The OS also introduces a new multitasking mode specifically meant for iPad. Now you can run multiple apps together just like what you saw in Samsung Galaxy tablets or even Microsoft Surface tablets.


With the new software, you only need 1.8 GB installation space, as compared to 4.6 GB in previous versions. An introduction of low power mode feature extends iPhone battery life by about 3 hours with a single charge.


It also introduces system default font “San Francisco” seen prior in Apple’s iWatch, making a transition from “Helvetica” in iOS 8.


Upgrades can also be seen in CarPlay services. You will see CarPlay supporting new functionalities such as controlling seating position, climate situations, and wireless accessibility in future vehicles.

We just saw the features Apple announced and that most people are looking forward to eagerly. However, what about those features that Apple did not declared but still will be seen in upcoming iOS 9. Let us discuss them out as well.

Hidden Features


Switching between Rotation options

This is quite certainly not a new thing at all in iOS, irrespective of the fact that it is found only on iPad. However, now in iOS 9, the users will have the privilege to switch between mute and lock rotation while toggling between vibrate and ring modes. It might seem to be a small improvement, especially when you can do it in the Control Center. However, things become faster, as you switch between rotation settings with ease now. It is helpful while watching videos, wherein you can unlock screen rotation, and switch between portrait and landscape modes.

Store more with upgraded iCloud

You saw iCloud in iOS 8 earlier. However, with iOS 9, iCloud features are extended. You can now toggle with iCloud Drive app settings wherein you can access the app, see the files, synchronize files with other devices, move files around, and delete files easily.

Redesign of the Podcast app

As the title says, iOS 9 will have its very own design meant for the Podcast app. Some fresh paint accompanies the Mini Player. With the addition of a new button called “unplayed”, you can see all the podcasts that you still need to listen. In addition, you can have a glimpse at the ‘My Podcast’ section in a revamped form.

On/Off flash as per your needs

While recording a video, switch between turning the flash on or off. Earlier you were able to do so before the video actually starts. Again, it might not seem to be a big deal for all, but it surely makes a difference when you are located under uncertain lighting conditions, and you need to switch in-between a video immediately.

Get more notifications on your mobile

Most of the things remain as it is with a minor change that shows remaining battery percentage. In addition to that, you will also receive this notification on your iWatch.

Still more changes in Siri

We already discussed the changes Siri will undergo in iOS 9. However, that is not it. In addition to the above-discussed changes, whenever you activate Siri, your personal assistant notifies you that it is prepared to hear your questions.

Toggle between photos & videos

With the latest iOS, you can toggle easily between photos as well as video shooting modes. So you have options available in the form of 1080p at 60fps & 30fps; 720p at 30fps.

Search whatever you want quickly

There is an inclusion of a search bar within the Settings app that lets users do a quick search what they want to access.

Pictures associated with messages

Now you can see the pictures in addition to names when sending or receiving messages. Right now this feature only will be available for iPhone 6 Plus and will be available to iPhone 6 after some time.

Newest font on block ‘San Francisco’

As discussed earlier, it will be a default font on iOS 9 just as already available on iWatch.
This is all what we have the latest updates announced by Apple. If you have got anything more to say, feel free to comment or subscribe to this blog. Would you love to see what exactly we do in iOS 9 apps development?