In its latest WWDC conference, Apple announced a rejoicing news for its iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users – The announcement of iOS 10. It was on 13th June when Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook unveiled iOS 10 by describing it as the ‘biggest release ever’.

Indeed, this is amazing news for iOS as it comes along with the updates at broader level including apps, messages, Apple Play, Apple Music, Maps, and even Siri along with Control Center and plenty more.

3D Touch and Siri Updates

Some extraordinary features are embedded in the new iOS 10. One of the most fantastic features includes redesigned Lock screen blended with the 3D-touch enabled notifications. The advantage is that it offers easy access to the camera along with a new widget screen.

3D Touch and Siri Updates

The all-new designed Control Center also supports 3D touch along with the freshly added Raise to Wake feature. It works for waking up the screen without bypassing any notifications. Also, an updated Siri SDK is up for the takings as mobile app developers can now build a Siri support within an iOS app itself.

So now it is possible to command Siri do things in an app. For example, Siri can now take the command and book an Uber on your behalf.

Messaging is Much More Fun

Messaging is not just about chatting and texting with iOS 10 as there are plenty of significant interactive changes in messaging front as well. There are features like bubble effects, background animation, and even digital touch. Digital touch is one such amazing feature that allows users to create drawings along with annotating photos and videos.

Messaging is Much More Fun

There is much in store for the iOS app developers aiming to revolutionize the messaging apps. Now the iOS messaging apps have the tremendous abilities to Messages, right from sending the stickers and GIFs to making installments to even making collective dinner orders.

Interactive Pictures with the new Photo feature

iOS 10 is infused with Artificial Intelligence when it comes to identifying places and people. As per the Apple’s announcement it was revealed that that approx. 11 billion computations are made for each photo where the findings are used to build smart albums for iOS users.

Photos as the ability to blend the linked pictures and videos by place, people, and time. It then inevitably creates a few of the event/vacation highlight reels by putting them together regarding trip mementos. The beauty of Photos lies in its ability to scan user’s entire photo library at one go and detecting people/faces, animals, places/monuments, objects, and more. Pictures are considered as information where Photos clubs the images coherently.

The clubbing of images under various headings entails some significant search competencies that allow iOS users to find their images by heading. For example, a search for “dogs” brings up pictures of dogs, while a search for “mountains” will bring up all the images containing mountain.

MAPS Made More Meaningful

Maps are redesigned in the new iOS 10 by making it clear and simpler than ever before. The Map UI is made interactive as it encompasses more proactive elements than we’ve seen before in iOS. For example, sliding up from the bottom of map yields suggested destinations.

Now the AI part comes to play over here where it syncs the time of your routine activity with the mobile interaction activity as well. If you leave for work at 9:30 am, then doing so will show up your workplace as suggested destination.

MAPS Made More Meaningful

Also, there is a provision to sub-filter while searching for any nearby businesses. There are filters even in exploring restaurants based on the type of food it offers like search ‘Italian Restaurants’, ‘Seafood Restaurants’, etc.

This unique feature lets you search the root that is programmed in a map. It allows you quickly to find the food, gas, clothing, and plenty other things. There is a feature in Maps that automatically amends routes for incorporating halts by letting you know about the additional detour time.

A Step Towards IoT with Homekit and Home App

This is a giant step that Apple is taking with the launch of new iOS 10. There is a dedicated app for the smart homes and IoT. Home is an interactive app that works for controlling the home appliances that are compatible with the HomeKit.

Regardless of the manufacturer of your smart home device, Home app gives you the access to all the HomeKit enabled tools, making it easy to control from a single point – your iOS device.

ios 10 last img

Plenty of these have 3D touch enable features that work on the real-life gestures with the skeuomorphism-driven app UI. For example, just a slide on the app can dim the light levels of your house.

One of the features in Home is Scenes that comes with the predetermined adjustments, also customizable. It allows users make adjustments across the broad range of accessories even with the Siri command.


With the set of these promising features, Apple has taken a step forward in designing a world-class mobile OS. As of now, iOS 10 is rolled out to the developers, and the release date is around the corner and expected to release for commercial use in next month, July. We can expect plenty of additional features once the public beta is out. However, as of now, it is all worth a wait.