There have been only a few days since the iOS 9 release release and users are already infuriated. They are reporting more and more problems every day. And the most enraging aspect is that Apple officials are not declaring anything related to these issues.


Is iOS 9 going to be fixed and loved by Apple users? Are these problems temporary only? Will there be an update soon? Well, we can’t really know. But till the future will clarify these aspects, here are the main complaints about iOS 9.

Downloading Error

The first and most frustrating problem is represented by the impossibility of downloading the system update. Social media and Apple support forum is crammed full with desperate cries – “I can’t download the iOS 9 version!”


So what seems to be the problem?

There are already a few millions of people who have succeeded to install the iOS 9. But somewhere along the way, the process has stopped and errors started to pop up. And since then, tons of users got the same message: “Software update failed. An error occured downloading iOS 9.”

They have posted screenshots everywhere as a protest. At first, no one found a way out, but soon, people have observed that the issue could have been avoided when using iTunes for downloading.

OTA (over-the-air) update was impossible these days. Users hated the fact that they were forced to connect the iTunes store and to a PC in order to get the iOS 9. On the other side, those willing to use this method have reported total success.

Optimistic voices state that the downloading issue may be due to the fact that a large number of Apple owners rushed at once to get the update. In this way, servers were overloaded and didn’t run properly anymore. In this case, the problem will automatically solve when demands slow down.

The Update is Still Too Big

Apple officials have taken into consideration customers’ previous complaints about iOS 8 size. So this time, they have created an update occupying only 1.3GB. However, it looks like the new version is still too big for some devices.

Users are forced to delete some of their apps in order to make room for the iOS 9. The problem is that the majority has important apps installed, used for academic or business means. As a consequence, deleting them is not really an option.

Frozen Image During Rebooting


This aspect caused a lot of headaches for customers. After getting through the first two problems, this came as a “game over” statement. Although the issue is only common among those having older versions than iPhone 6, it is still serious. Owners were faced with a frozen image of the Apple logo on the screen and could do nothing but wait for a change.

Data not working with iOS9

Mobile data was lost after switching to iOS 9 for a large number of clients. They are getting really frustrated as solutions don’t seem to appear. Nothing worked – from rebooting to changing the settings. Some made appointments with Apple representatives as a last resort.

Apps and Phones are Crushing

Tons of clients are reporting app crushes on a regular basis. They can’t use their devices in a normal rhythm anymore. Favorite smart products like WeChat and standard messaging have two running options: stopping suddenly or working really, really slow. Everyone is blaming the iOS 9 update and they are expressing hatred for it.

Not to mention that the whole device is crushing down and makes it impossible for users to access it. In some cases, the display does not respond to touches.

Lost Data

After installing iOS 9, some users had an unpleasant surprise – data was erased from their devices. Because they previously checked and noticed that there was enough space for the update, customers didn’t thought about taking safety measures. So they ended up with losing data like personal images, videos, documents and so on. Unfortunately, this loss seems irremediable.

The Battery is Draining

While the iOS 9 is presented as battery saver software, customers state otherwise. A large number of Apple users complain that their devices don’t seem to last not even a whole day. The update is eating the battery life faster than the previous version.

Technicians say that this process is normal for the first days after the switch. It is the same as if one would have bought the phone and used it for the first time. So things should go back to normal soon.

Other Issues and Discontents

There are voices saying that the new fonts of iOS 9 are not appealing at all. As a matter of fact, some users have even stated that this change makes their iPhones look like Samsung devices.

Then, the time format brings in another discussion – 24 hours format is not available anymore. Users are forced to use the a.m/p.m version and of course, learn the difference between them.

For the iPhone 6 owners it looks like things haven’t changed much. Clients state that they have lost in vain precious time installing the iOS 9. The interface is almost the same as the old one.

In the end, there are enough Apple owners who have stated an ultimate verdict – they will switch back to the previous version of iOS. Additionally, everyone’s thoughts meet on the same spot – this wouldn’t have happened if Steve Jobs were alive.

We know all these problems sound terrifying, but this does not mean that you have to give up on iOS 9. The update has life life changing features, worth fighting for.

Peerbits has the solution to every possible error. Just stay posted and learn how to make the best out of iOS 9. We will come back with an article indicating possible ways of avoiding and solving system bugs.

See you soon!