Apple’s iPhone 6 and iOS 8 are the two most anticipated technologies in the year 2014. Of the many interesting features making a foray with iOS 8 in iPhone 6, one major feature is Android’s Minuum keyboard being introduced for the very first time in Apple devices. This is the possibly one of those reasons that entices most iPhone buyers to go for the upcoming iPhone, which is the third party support provided in latest iOS. Once iPhone 6 makes it official entry in the second week of September, iOS 8 will soon see the release later, with third party keyboards introduced gradually in the App Store.

The app, popularly known as “Minuum”, provides Android users with a predictive keyboard occupies least amount of space on the screen compared to any other keyboard app, freeing up the real estate of smartphone screen letting users to see what they are typing. You might expect that with a smaller keyboard how the users would actually be able to type alphabets, numbers, or symbols. However, in reality Minuum offers delivers similar kind of experience as compared to other keyboards. It enables absolute neat typing experience with an amazingly powerful auto-correct feature.

Unlike other stereotype Android keyboards, Minuum removes the visual mess occurring commonly with other mobile keyboards taking up half of the screen unnecessarily. Instead, it uses a single dimension for the adaptation of the keyboard. This is because of a high-level algorithm for auto-correction leading to an extremely precise typing. The algorithm comprehends the dissimilarity between what exactly you mean and what you type actually. This results in getting all the words in a right place even if you miss a single letter. Moreover, through key magnification, users can see a zoom view of symbols, numbers, or alphabets.

It can be viewed in two different forms – full sized or linear. Minuum takes the data backup of words in case switching to a different smartphone. Hands free text entry with the help of voice to text typing is also possible with Google Voice Typing. For accessing gesture shortcuts, fingers can be swiped across corners. Different keyboard layouts can also be selected with the help of Minuum. When it comes to iOS 8, it would support both mini keyboard and full keyboard modes with all predictive as well as auto-correct features. The app released gradually once iOS 8 is in place.

Android’s Minuum keyboard is certainly going to be one of the major offerings with iOS 8 in iPhone 6. Apple users will have a firsthand experience with this keyboard loaded with tons of features. It is hard to tell when exactly it will make its debut in App Store, but as per rumors, it will soon be available in App Store following the debut of iOS 8. Only time will tell whether iPhone 6 will be as successful as previous iPhone models but it is surely make a huge impact.