The new addition in iPhone’s family is iPhone SE. Apple announced the new iPhone SE on Monday, 21st March, which is set to hit stores by March 30th. But that’s all about the iPhone SE. One of the important thing to keep in mind while developing native iOS app from now on till the launch of next iPhone is that the new market has opened.

The launch strategy indirectly suggests that Apple is trying to capture the new market with iPhone SE. This surely will give way to plenty of first time iPhone users with SE series. Not to mention, this can also mark return of previous iPhone users who had given up using the iPhone after iPhone 3.

With iPhone SE, apple is all set to carve a new breed of iPhone users. Well, in that case developers needs to know that users’ expectations will be rocket high with iPhone SE. The onus to enhance UX with iPhone SE lies on the hands native iOS app developers. Let us see what is in store for the iOS app developers with the launch of iPhone SE.

Small Screen to Demand Design Innovation

Small screen to demand design innovation

The all new iPhone SE comes with a small screen of 4 inches. This will force designers to integrate new design to fit in fine in that small screen. iOS app developers are sure to create buzz with the iOS app development. This may come in the form of minimalistic menus, one touch scroll, single panel navigation, etc.

Photo Editing Apps to Undergo a Revamp

Photo Editing

What can get better than a 4″ iPhone with 12 MP of insight camera? Of course, better is iPhone picture editing applications to add new filters, integrate more customized editing options and allow easy social media sharing. Photo app developers needs to brush themselves up to cater the large market which apple is trying to reach with the launch of iPhone SE.

Make Way for Multimedia Apps


This new iPhone SE comes with longer battery which makes sure that your multimedia engagement is not chopped off. With 12+ hours of battery life there is an ample amount of scope for multimedia driven apps to hit the App store soon.

Gaming Apps to Get an Edge


The beauty of iPhone SE lies in its stylistic design blended with A9 chip. Assuring a blazing speed with the processor, iPhone SE will open up room for iOS game developers and iPhone game enthusiasts. Longer battery life and A9 processor makes a perfect deal for the ultimate gaming experience over iPhone.

Road Ahead For iOS App Developers

So while we wait for the arrival of new iPhone SE, iOS app developers around the globe are already getting busy in making iOS apps. The App Store is bound to flourish in near future with all new exciting iOS apps. Sure the entry of personalized iPhone SE mobile applications will take time to come in but once the gates are open, innovations are bound to flood in iPhone app store with arrival of iPhone SE.