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Kotlin: A new era of android app development

Kotlin: A new era of android app development

  • Last Updated on June 14, 2022
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Since long we have known and used Java as the primary language for android app development. However, saying that it is only or rather the best choice will be wrong.


Despite the fact that it has marked its presence as a robust and an official language, it too comes with different set of challenges which can prove to be deterrent for developers.

With the growing technology, different JVM languages have started gaining the attention of the developers, and need to be mentioned that Kotlin is leading this herd.

What is Kotlin?

The open source language is based on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The statically typed programming language can also be compiled to JavaScript source code.

The new JVM language is the brain child of the JetBrains programmers from Russia. We can take the clue to this as they have named the language on the name of an island located near their hometown St. Petersburg.

The new JVM based language comes with top rated Android Support Studio. All you need in to install the Kotlin Plugin, and watch it making the configuration in your project.

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Why should you consider Kotlin?

We all know that Java has become an old school language. In fact, it is one of the oldest programming languages. With a history as old as around 22 years, Java has indeed availed numerous features to the developers, eventually serving us with great android applications.

Developers have become well acquainted with the language. However, we can’t deny that being old has its own disadvantages from the programming standpoint.

This is where Kotlin enters with its set of benefits, which are:

1. Lesser coding

Kotlin has been designed in a way that it requires way less coding in comparison to Java. If we try to share this in numerically, according to an estimate it is around 20% less in comparison to Java.

It basically reduces the amount of boilerplate coding, which earlier the programmers had to write. Subsequently making the execution better.

2. Interoperability

This is one of the main reasons behind the growing popularity of Kotlin. The language can co-exist with its elder sibling Java on the same project. In fact, once you compile your project using both the languages, it will be difficult for anyone to say which section is done using Kotlin and which one using Java.

With this interoperability, Kotlin allows you to use its features and ease of operation without switching to a new project or changing the codes for the present project.

3. Ease of learning

Likely to Android O, you don’t have to spend a lot of time to learn Kotlin. By investing a few hours in reading the language reference, you can have the grip on the language. Kotlin comes with an intuitive and lean syntax and is designed to avail gentle learning path for java developers.

4. No cost adoption

Kotlin being an open source language, you don’t have to spend your precious money. You can start using this high-end language simply by using Java-to-Kotlin converter tool to convert your existing Java files.

The tool enables you to convert the complex codes to a simpler form without compromising with time and efforts you save.

5. Its safer

With Kotlin you can avoid errors like NullPointExceptions. It allows you to avoid operating on nullable types, not even mistakenly. This also includes the one from Java. The compiler is designed to auto-cast mistakes, even if you have checked a type as right.


Being developed by JetBrains, the company that gave us IntelliJ, Kotlin comes with a top rated Android Studio Support. Kotlin is believed to take the android app development a step ahead.

With its ease of learning, implication, and yes the glitch-free security from exceptions, it is believed that Kotlin will soon gain the eyeballs and will replace our tradition programming language on a massive scale.


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