People always seek for opportunities where they can save money on even the smallest things possible. Especially when it comes to iPhone mobile apps, users always strive for apps that do not cost a single penny. After all, there are over 1.2 million apps present on iOS app store, of which only a few of them are free for a limited time with paid apps constituting a vast majority. That is why in this article we will have our spotlight on 6 iPhone paid apps that are available for a free download right now, only for a limited time period.

We do not know for how much time interval you can avail it free. It could be few hours, days, or weeks. At the time of writing this article, they are available free. Once the sale ends, users will be charged. Better act fast, or else you can miss a great opportunity. Let us have a look at these 6 apps that can be highly useful to users.

Luna Calculator

Most beautiful and extremely simple among all iOS app store calculator apps. So easy and powerful to use, but what lies behind a minimal design is a complex algorithm based on multifaceted logic that lets calculations work like magic. Simple operations work like magic with a support to advanced features such as export, list creation, linking variables, saving results, as well as a scientific keyboard. The app built right from ground up. The logic engine is completely revamped based on past user feedback in similar kind of apps. Normally it costs $0.99, but right now free for a certain time-period.


There have been many apps, which have been termed ‘Instagram’ of the video when you look down in the past. However, when it comes to “Vlur” things get better. Why the process gets complicated when you want to upload an awesome video with amazing effects. Vlur is one app that delivers superlative effects mingled with great amount of fun. After selecting a transition, users can start the recording immediately. That is it! Choose across 22 filters and approximately 40 transitions. You can even change filters and transitions with each eye-catching video or scene. Normally it costs $9.99, but right now free for a certain time-period.


It is clearly ‘a must have app’ in iOS. It is not just useful in an iPhone but even Mac as well. It displays all the incoming notifications as well as synchronizes between Mac and iPhone. Whether WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. you can receive all types of notifications on your iPhone. Even users can switch off the specific app notifications if they do not want to have it. Do not worry about the smartphone battery getting drained as Notifyr utilizes Bluetooth low energy. Normally it costs $3.99, but right now free for a certain time-period.


You will find a number of timer based apps in the iPhone app store that deliver a similar kind of functionality. However, this app is different because it is free for the time being. When you start using this app, you will conclude that “Extimer” is certainly the most user-friendly and flexible of all the available apps. Rather than a complex user interface, Extimer presents users with a highly intuitive user experience with a god range of timer capabilities such as Tabata, sprint, MMA, HIIT, circuit, boxing, and more. Normally it costs $1.99, but right now free for a certain time-period.

Time Hive

Organize your schedule systematically with this highly stylish app. It has a beautiful yet simple interface. Personalize your busy time schedule with ease. Users can not only change their backgrounds but also modify various color themes as well. Recording the lecture notes become easy now as users can automatically create and arrange their schedule of classes. Normally it costs $0.99, but right now free for a certain time-period.


Most aesthetic looking and useful calendar app on iPhone store. The calendar app can be personalized as per themes and icons. Even weather forecast can be planned as well as customized visually appealing calendar view. Users can even share the events via message, email, or messenger with friends. Normally it costs $1.99, but right now free for a certain time-period.

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