LinkedIn has come up with its latest offering in the form of mobile application which has been developed keeping in mind the employees who are not able to search for new jobs at their workplaces just in order to avoid the eyes of their boss. Looking for a job on the desktop screens on work always keeps a sense of fear and possibly not a healthy environment for new job seeking. In today’s unemployment scenario, rather than wasting hours sitting in front of the screen and looking at social media sites for the whole day, it is always better to seek for an independent career on mobile. This new mobile app from LinkedIn aims to satisfy the need of unemployed users or those who are not satisfied with their current career choice, in this highly engaging and influential smartphone world. Right now available in iOS devices for US only, this is the first standalone offering from LinkedIn to optimize the applying, researching, and finding jobs.

According to the LinkedIn product manager Daniele Ayele, over 40% of people look for jobs while at work that turns out to be difficult because it may turn things to get worsen between the boss and the employee. He further adds that LinkedIn’s goal is to smoothen this process by helping the employees to be subtle and keep everything private not sharing their activities with others. Even speed plays a pivotal role here. As per LinkedIn, applicants who respond to the job on the day when it is posted, have 10% more probability to get the job then the ones responding later. Once the app is downloaded and when users log for the first time, they are asked for push notifications, location, and permissions. However, after that they are redirected to a simple search page where users can search jobs as per location, keyword, and title.

While viewing the results initially, you can actually make use of the filter option and sort results further by using drill down. Results sorted based on ‘most recent’ ones or ‘most relevant’ ones. These results narrowed down or expanded by using the slider functionality. Further search conducted based on seniority, industry, function, and company. Even customized job searches, can be retrieved for the future. Users can then apply to job tapping on the ‘In Apply’ icon. While other companies will let users go to their website in order to apply for positions that are, open. There are four main tabs at the bottom letting users to switch between notifications, track, discover, and search. Discover tab helps users to view only relevant jobs based on their requirements as well as profile completion. Track tab let users to apply, save, or view jobs they have already came across. While notifications tab, similar to the desktop version, alerts users about the job expiry once viewed by recruiters or if new jobs posted.

Getting a dream job is what every job seeker wants. With the release of this newly optimized LinkedIn mobile app, users can apply, research, and find jobs with ease by utilizing the ideal time to the fullest when on smartphones. Therefore, whether users are waiting for their flight, sitting in a coffee shop, at workplace, at home, or anywhere else, users can take out their smartphones and start searching their future. LinkedIn plans to expand this enhanced mobile application to more countries and mobile operating systems, as soon as possible.