In a previous article, we have seen that iOS is not exactly the perfect update so far. Users are outraged by its issues and multiple errors that turned Apple products into useless devices. All customers have decided that they absolutely hate iOS 9 and that they are ready to give up on it.


But wait a minute! How about the fantastic new features of this update? How about the smartest Siri so far, the disclosed unknown callers or the split screen? Aren’t all these improvements worth fighting for, installing and running iOS 9?

Several Impressive New Features

Here are some crazy features of the update that will determine you download iOS 9:

Possible matches for unknown numbers – when an unsaved number calls your iPhone, the OS tries to make a possible connection between that number and a person from your e-mail; it then displays “Maybe:

[a name]”;

Split screen for iPad this features is just perfect for multitasking persons; now, you don’t have to switch between web pages – just choose to display them both at the same time;

Android migration – the update makes the transit to iOS easier than ever through the Android Migration assistant;

Siri checking on you – there are a lot of people who like to fall asleep while listening to music; the bad part is that they have to wake up and stop the player; but now, Siri will do this for you – it pops up every five songs and asks if you are asleep; if the user does not react in any way, then Siri automatically shuts down the music!

Solutions to the Most Common iOS 9 Errors

1. Downloading Error

For this problem, you’ve got two solutions. The first and the easiest one is to wait a few more days before trying to install the update. At first, everybody rushes to get it and servers can just crash due to overloading.

The second option is to connect your device to a PC and then to iTunes. Take the update from there. The direct broad downloading has reported 100% success.

2. Not Enough Space

In this case, too, users have multiple options.

First of all, before installing the update is highly indicated to save all your personal data like images, videos and documents. Choose to upload them to a PC or into the cloud. In this way, you will be sure not to lose anything precious or important.

Then, delete all temporary files, junk data, old messages, cache memory and so on. If you still don’t have enough space, the next step is to delete some apps. Don’t worry! The iOS 9 allows you to erase these products only temporary. After the installation is complete, the system automatically brings them back.

3. Froze Image on Logo

In order to complete the installation, the system needs to reboot. But often, the device gets stuck on the logo and does not restart. Here’s what you can do: press and hold at the same time Home and Power buttons for about 10 seconds.

If this method does not work, then it is time to activate the recovery mood. Do it like this:

Connect the iPhone to a PC with iTunes installed;

Press and hold Home and Power buttons for about 10 seconds, then only continue pressing Home;

Soon, the Connect to the iTunes button will appear on the screen;

Tap on it, connect to iTunes and restore the device.

4. Mobile Data not Working

If this happens to you, then here are several solutions.

First, just try to reboot the device. Yes, it may be as simple as this!

Secondly, try to turn off and then on the mobile data.

If anything else fails, go to Settings and reset the iPhone from Reset All Settings. No, you won’t lose any personal data.

5. Apps and Phone Crashes

In this critique situation, users can do the following simple things.

Remove and re-install the nonresponsive apps. They may need to readjust automatically to the new operating system.

Check for online updates and install them. It may be possible that apps need an update in order to function correctly with the iOS 9.

If the iPhone crashes or blocks, just lock it and unlock it after 30 seconds. This should do the trick.

6. Data Loss

Well, a wise thing to do in order to prevent this is to save all personal data, as mentioned above. But if this is too late already, then you may still have some luck. Just answer this question: Have you recently made a backup on iTunes or iCloud? Still no? Then the only solution is to ask Peerbits professionals for help! They can do miracles sometimes!

7. Running Low Battery

This problem may be caused by completely other factors. The first step is to go to the Battery Usage section and see if there’s an app draining all the power. It should be a great idea to uninstall it!

Online streaming of music and videos takes a lot of energy. The alternative is to download and locally play the melodies and to use other devices for long videos like TV series or movies.

How can Peerbits Help You?

In some cases, the solutions mentioned above will not work. Or users can find some other errors on their Apple device. In this case, just stay calm and contact our team. Every member is capable of effectively solving any iOS 9 problem, for offering you a better iPhone experience.

Go to the Contact area and send a query. We will get in touch as soon as possible, because we do care about our customers. For Peerbits, silence is not an acceptable answer. We are eager to offer expertise and professionalism to every client.

Additionally, if you had a favorite app that is not working with iOS 9 anymore, let us know! The team can help you in two different ways – creating an update and allowing the app to run on the new system; or build from scratch an even better version of that app! Amazing, isn’t it? Place an order today and benefit from unique and personalized offers!