Before the era of app based taxi booking apps development came in, people had only had three options: hail a taxi, call a friendly driver to pick you up, or call a taxi booking agency. Taxi booking agencies were prominent in the pre-Uber era.


A taxi agency with dozens of telecom operators who will manage an endless stream of calls was commonplace, particularly in cities with an airport.

Every caller will tell his address, the operator will fill in the address in the taxi software in front of him, and press ‘Dispatch’ on the right of an ‘Available’ driver.

It was hell of a job for teleoperators managing so many calls a day and the agencies managing so many employees. That changed when auto dispatcher came in.

The operators now only had to enter the address in the software and the software was supposed to dispatch a taxi to his location.

The online booking portals further streamlined the process. However, in the pre-cloud era, people had to install complicated, heavy resource computer software on their private servers to make auto dispatching possible.

On top of that, the software would have an expiry date of like two years after that they must buy it again. The software would update from time to time frequently leading to downtime.

That was quite a headache for taxi businesses with so many things to manage on top of their business priorities. With the emergence of cloud computing came SaaS and IaaS.

The software, the server, the database, everything moved to the cloud.

The software was now accessible from a web browser. With the rise of mobility solutions, on smartphones too.

A transition that led to on-demand dispatch apps and restaurant mobility solutions.

Today, we have entered the era of on-demand dispatch apps. The taxi industry was the starting point. Now on-demand dispatch apps are part of many industries from retail to restaurant, healthcare to logistics.

In fact, on-demand is the easiest way to deliver a service or product to a customer. Until now, on-demand dispatch software development was hard to realize owing to technological limitations and the lack of smartphones back then.

With everything in place, every business must move to an on-demand dispatch module.

Moving to an on-demand dispatch app with Yelow Taxi

Yelow Taxi is a white-label taxi app by Peerbits and is inclusive of an on-demand dispatch app. The ready-to-go solution is fully customizable to your branding requirements and has customizable modules.

Peerbits’ An on-demand dispatch app is a part of Yelow Taxi, a white label taxi platform by designed and developed by Peerbits. Customize Yelow Taxi to your business needs

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Feastplan is a quite similar to Yelow Taxi, except it targets, as the name suggests, restaurant businesses. The on-demand dispatch app, which is the part of Feastplan, is very useful to restaurant businesses that don’t have delivery boys of their own and have to rely on an agency.

When the restaurant is done preparing the food order, it can use the on-demand dispatch app to call a delivery boy and get it home delivered to the customer’s location.

The agency can distribute Feastplan to its restaurant partners, who can call the agencies deliver boys at a tap of the screen. Delivery boys will have an app of their own, which again is the part of Feastplan in addition to food delivery app.

On-demand dispatch app for every industry

Peerbits has the necessary expertise to develop an on-demand dispatch app for your startup or enterprise. We can develop apps on top of your existing software-based-management system in place, integrate it with the existing CMS and update it at a regular interval.

Don’t worry on-demand application development with Peerbits won’t cost an arm and a leg. We have a development center in India that is famous for developing quality native applications at a fraction of the cost that you would pay to a developer in the US or Canada.

A look at an on-demand app that we recently developed will give you a better idea of our development services.

We did not know back then EPIC delivery is Perth’s first delivery app.

Where to start?

We have developed more on-demand app than you can count on your finger. If you are looking for an experienced mobile development that has an extensive client base in the US and Canada.

Start with Peerbits

Moin Shaikh

Head of Staff augmentation, outsourcing, and on-demand software solutions at Peerbits. Managing the development team and clients, possessing a deep understanding of varied domains, making WBS/Scope of work with estimation in pre-sales. Explaining the concept of business requirements, handover documentation to the development team and freezing the requirement.

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