A Lot of talks going on off late in the industry about outsourcing iOS app development services. Like every other thing in the world, this too is not an exception. Every business client comes with pre-held notions and perception about iOS app solutions. Also, it becomes very difficult to unlearn things, and when it comes to long old beliefs, they are quite difficult.

But the ideal way is to break the myths with facts. This is how the process of knowing the truth starts. Today, we shall break common myths of outsourcing iOS app development services and juxtapose the same with the facts.

Myth #1: Only local iOS app developers can provide better apps. Outsourcing is a sort of compromise

Fact: Wrong. There is no common ground where you can compare both. Outsourced developers can be good or can be the other way round. But genetically speaking, human brains are same everywhere. In fact there are chances of outsourced app developers to perform better than local iOS app developers because there is an added pressure to perform and stand by the expectation of offshore client. Outsourced iOS app developers are usually more hard-working & less boozing types.

Myth #2: iOS app developers just needs to execute what is stated over the phone calls

Fact: No, perhaps these outsourced developers has more idea than you about developing mobile apps. It takes months to develop a simple 5 MB app. Your developer would have made more than 100-200 apps and therefore has a clear idea about the execution. It is always great to take feedback from the developers because this will, in the process of app development, clear all the operational glitches.

Myth #3: Outsourcing the iOS app services will be on the basis of fix cost and not on hourly basis

Fact: This depends on upon the skills, expertise, and experience of outsourced app developer. You will have the breed of iOs developers ranging from very fresher or low intelligent, to highly intelligent and experienced. It is on these criteria an app developers must be selected. And these specifics also defines the hourly rate of developers. A nowise can take a charge of your project on fix cost but chances of his experimenting with your idea is more than the chances of executing what is required. While the hourly rates are charged by iOS app developers who sweat out all their experience, skills, and knowledge in it.

Myth #4: iOS app development is a simple process and so, app can be created in a few days

Fact: It does not. And if it does, then it is certainly not what you are exactly looking for. iOS applications require a lot of skillful efforts to put into practice. The effective manpower must blend with the app’s vision to give life to iOS app. The fact is, a quality iOS application may take anything between one month to six months to come to life.

Myth #5: iOS application development service provider will not be available on my time

Fact: Alignment with the project manager is always important. This will ensure regular update on the project. But, on the executional level this serves as an ideal working model. Outsourcing iOS app services will yield the benefit of ‘follow the sun’ mode. Here, the offshore iOS developers work during the client’s night time, and next day’s morning they return with results.

Myth #6: Bugs in the iOS app reflects developers’ incompetency

Fact: Sitting on developers head for a couple of bugs will just reflect your immaturity in the whole process. For developers, bugs are not new things. They have dealt with this plenty of times, so relax! Also, do not forget, even Apples and Googles of the world releases security patches to fix up to world’s most trustable software. Every new app is like a child for the developer, and every child falls few number of times before he or she learns to walk properly.

So, give some time. You buy Microsoft’s services, but it is your vulnerability that you cannot shout and scold the Microsoft guys. Do the same with your hired developers. Keep patience, and report objectively with screenshots. Also, prepare explanatory steps to produce the bug and wait for the glitches to fix.

Myth #7: iOS app wireframes are the ultimate truth. Nothing must be changed after that

Fact: It is always in the process of developing an iOS app, a developer come across the operational issue. In order to fix these issues, sometimes it is required to alter the wireframes. So it is really resourcefulness of app developer to think wisely and take a liberalized creative decision to tweak the wireframe a little. It is always good to remain flexible with wireframes as this will keep the scope of further improvement open.

Of course, this is not the exhaustive list of myths & facts about outsourcing iOS app development services. In fact, it gives a general idea about the prevalent misconceptions floating in the market. The idea is not to blindly believe the general idea but to gauge the truth on the basis of your own need.