Peerbits is delighted to share amazing news – it looks like Santa brought us an unexpected present! Wondering what it is? Well, we are moving to a brand new location on Siddhii Vinayak Business Tower! For the future, we are aiming to work in a better environment, grow consistently and expand intelligently, in order to serve our clients better than ever.


We hope this change will bring in lots of success for the company and our team will continue to be appreciated for its great value!

Everyone is excited to explore the new space and to find his and her own best spot to settle to! We can’t wait to see how this professional environment is going to boost productivity and fire creativity. Team members are bringing the place to life as we speak: they are moving in the equipment, decorating the offices and arranging the personal things.

Soon, we will start celebrating with a huge cake (let’s hope it would be enough for everybody!), flowers and confetti! There’s joy and laughter already coming from the premises as the team is happy to be able to collaborate better due to the bigger space.

With this occasion, Peerbits wishes you all a better new year in 2016 and may you benefit from the coolest apps for your phone!


Moin Shaikh

Moin Shaikh is the Senior Business Analyst at Peerbits, a leading Mobile App Development companies in USA - UAE & India.

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