Peerbits team had a great day on 20 December 2014 as we celebrated the occasion of salary appraisal of several employees leading to a gala lunch at Pleasure Trove on Ashram Road, Ahmedabad (India). The appraisal that came across around Christmas holidays meant to appreciate the hard work and performance delivered from employees who stayed in the company for quite some time now providing their full dedication, commitment, and loyalty to the company.

After winding up the morning’s schedule, teammates started their march for the party at around 1 pm. We reached the destination at 1:15 pm where the party actually kicked off with loads of fun talk. Sometime later food was ordered where two types of menu (veg and non-veg) was facilitated. People arranged themselves accordingly to enjoy their veg or non-veg delicacies separately. Mixing unlimited chat with unlimited food was the best part.

Moments later, top management also joined to be a part of the celebration. They publicly appreciated us for our achievements and congratulated us for a well-deserved performance appraisal. They also motivated us to deliver timely performance and reap rewards. Some of the criteria that they specifically mentioned were dedication towards work, leveraging the capacity to optimum level, willingness to go some extra miles to achieve targets, individual goal planning, company’s growth in long-term, discipline, and other characteristics that can result in a win-win situation.

After that, lunch commenced. Party ended at around 2:15 pm after which we got back to our work at around 2:30 pm. We were full on motivated more to work that day. This has not been the first time when employees been rewarded hugely. The system has been for a while now. So every time, when salary appraisal happens (which by the way takes place frequently), it always installs a tremendous amount of positive energy letting us to strive for more, that leads us to deploy top-notch products to our clients resulting in utmost client satisfaction.